What kind of car to buy for 500,000 rubles?

On that first of all looks the future owner of a new car?Of course, on the cost and reviews.The average Russian can afford a car, which cost no more than half a million rubles.What kind of car you can buy for 500 thousand?The options are many and the choice of high-quality machines, fortunately, there is.

Choose manufacturer

If thoughts about what kind of car to buy for 500,000 rubles, you imagine in your head domestic vases, just forget about them.On the money you can buy a reliable, cost-effective and, most importantly, quality foreign car.Many dealers offer a variety of imported price of a small car.But do not worry - buy low-cost sedan for the same amount is quite possible and feasible.what kind of car to buy for 500,000

What kind of car to buy for 500 thousand?Criteria for the selection

desired engine size - not less than 1.4 liters.In this case, the car will surely stay on the highway and dirt road (if the owner is planning to travel to the cottage in the summer).Do not forget about the appearance and brand cars, the c

ost of spare parts, service level and, of course, the comfort.To all this was in the same car, do not buy right away b / y vehicles - stop your choice on the new models.The best option will serve three-door sedan or five-door hatchback.Transmission - preferably mechanical (though for the money is quite possible to buy a "machine").From a huge range of today's models cars there are two machines that are optimally suited for the above criteria.This new Hyundai Solaris and Kia Rio.what kind of car you can buy for 500 thousand

What kind of car to buy for 500,000?Overview of Hyundai Solaris

The main advantages of this car - it's not just good design and a spacious luggage compartment.Hyundai Solaris has excellent driving performance: equipped with a good sound insulation, a trip on it is not tiresome and quite comfortable, and easy operation, even for beginners is subject to Autobody.The salon is very spacious.The only downside to it - in the rear seats it is able to put only two people.However, it's not so scary.The first models of Hyundai had little gaps in the rear shock, but soon the engineers considered it and quickly eliminate this drawback.So problems when driving in the Korean Hyundai Solaris you just do not arise.What kind of car to buy?Over 500,000 rubles to buy a reliable Korean car is quite real!Minimum its cost - 467 thousand rubles in the base set.

Review Kia Rio what kind of car to buy 500

In terms of appearance and the "bells and whistles" This machine is a bit more interesting than the Hyundai Solaris.And the thing is that for 499,000 you can buy the most "advanced" packaging with a manual transmission.Or buy at this price basic version, but only this time with an automatic transmission.In the "machine" will have to pay the extra 40 thousand.Many interior design of the car Kia Rio seems to be a little more interesting than the Korean counterpart.Driving performance and reliability is also at the highest level, standard equipment includes ABS, air conditioning, and 2 airbags.Not bad for a minimum configuration.As you can see, the question about what kind of car to buy over 500 million, there was a more suitable option cars.