Lada Priora: reviews and description

Lada Priora ... Reviews and its low price - these are the main factors contributing to the immense popularity of the sedan on Russian streets.After all, this car can be seen almost none at every step, despite his young age.What he gained his popularity?Let's see that.

Lada Priora reviews

Start of production

Priora VAZ-2170 was launched into production in spring 2007.In 2008, on the assembly line began producing hatchback (model 2172).

Lada Priora: reviews of similarity with VAZ-2110

Many drivers do not consider that this machine has been designed from the ground up.So contend not only reviews of the owners.Lada Priora in its design has some similarities with other models of the WHA.In fact, a new copy of the legendary "tens" - VAZ-2110.Yet, as we are assured by the developers model Priora has not been reconstructed or improved old models of VAZ car.If you believe the figures, then the development of the model in 2170 there were more than 950-minute changes, which, in fact, is a direct proof of the authenticity

of news.Moreover, more than two thousand pieces in machine were completely unique and not previously present on VAZOVSKY cars.

reviews of the owners Lada Priora

Build Quality: reviews that say

Lada Priora in the production process continues to improve - gradually improving the quality of parts and assemblies.But the weakest link model is the poor quality of its construction.However, almost all domestic production machines need to "finish to mind."So prospective buyers trends should pay particular attention to the mounting parts and the presence of any liquid in the engine.Otherwise, your new car does not have time to drive to the garage as there Unscrew all bolts and nuts, and in the worst case, fall off the engine (so say the reviews of the owners of the cars).We can say that this is purely a man's car, which requires constant monitoring of all the parts.Sometimes the plant altogether forget that this pre-sale preparation of the car - nedokachannye tires, poor door locks, low oil well can be found at purchase.By the way, if the engine oil is very small, you can immediately go to the car dealership a workshop for engine overhaul.

reviews Lada Priora

Lada Priora: reviews of cost and alternatives

So why is this machine, despite the poor quality of the assembly can be seen on almost every street?Probably only because of the low cost of Russian motorists have begun to actively buy a car Lada Priora.Reviews say the excessive cheapness of the machine.The price of the new car standard is about 345 thousand rubles.This includes vosmiklapanny gasoline engine.The most expensive version with shestnadtsatiklapannym engine is no more than 450 thousand rubles.Although at this price you can buy a new Skoda Fabia in the basic version - it is in its reliability is far superior vazovskoy "miracle."In addition, for the price Priory designers could improve the shape of the body, which is already very much exposed to rust.