Updated Geely MK Cross - reviews say about the legendary Chinese jeep


SUV "Geely MK Cross" was not entirely new model - it was designed on the basis of the hatchback "Geely MK-2."The original appearance, compact size and increased ground clearance - are the distinguishing features of this SUV.At the moment, the Chinese have developed a new generation of the legendary Jeep.Let's see what are the features of the new machine.

Geely MK Cross reviews universal destination

Chinese developers the most stylized under the new "crossover" - his sports cladding and small elements of aggression are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.This crossover is perfect not only for trips to the bustling metropolis, but also for unforgettable trips into the countryside.


Despite the fact that the novelty has much in common with their predecessors, the difference in interior and exterior visible to the naked eye.The main feature that distinguishes the new generation of crossover - it increased ground clearance.The large clearance (17.5 centimeters), the machine is able to rid

e on any country road.The new form of the bumper and stylish black wheels, plastic linings, moldings, roof rails - is what gives the new product as an aggressive look.

"Geely MK Cross

Changes in the updated Geely MK

Reviews of previous generations required substantial changes in the cabin.It happened - the interior has been given even more attention than the external appearance.Beauty trends emphasizes the sportiness of the car.Immediately visible red inserts in the door trims for the seats, steering wheel and even the gear lever.The pedal has the same steel lining.It is necessary to pay attention to the dashboard - she did not like the design of its predecessors.Now, in place of switches measuring instruments placed electronic speedometer and tachometer.What can I say?Progress is moving forward, gentlemen.Even China, which often stole the design and construction of other cars, is now independently develop all the subtleties of a new generation of Geely MK Cross.Reviews nevertheless suggest some similarity to the passenger MK-2: the angle of the instrument at the crossover is almost the same as the hatchback.

Geely MK reviews

Specifications "Geely MK Cross»

Reviews of driving performance trends make sure to buy this car.The crossover has only a front-type, so little loses its unrivaled ride quality.Well, under the hood is a four-cylinder engine with 94 horsepower and a displacement of 1.5 liters.Transmission - Manual, 5 stages.The maximum speed of a novelty makes 165 kilometers per hour.

Geely MK Cross - reviews of cost

It is said that a minimum configuration Chinese crossover will cost 349 thousand. Rubles.For the price it is impossible to buy a similar "Toyota" or other Japanese cars - the cost sometimes several times higher than the price of the new Geely MK Cross.Reviews are not convinced at this time."Chinese" is a leader in the price range of its driving performance and modern design.Geely MK Cross - the reviews say about the legendary Chinese jeep and concern "Gili" is one of the largest in the world.