How to charge the laptop

notebook today has ceased to be a rarity

This device has almost every user who lead active lifestyles, as more mobile laptop desktop computer, and you can work on it anywhere.The only problem in the operation of the device is the battery life, which tends to run out.Therefore, the user important question is how to charge the laptop to the work as long as possible.Ways to solve this problem, there are many, and in this article we will give some of them.

How to charge the laptop charging depending on the type of battery

As you know, most of today's laptops have lithium-ion batteries.This means that in order to charge the device, no need to discharge it completely, which is very convenient.On the other hand, if in the palm of your hands so the battery is installed, you must not allow its full discharge, since it may lead to the fact that she fails.First you need to know how to charge the laptop battery when you first use.As a rule, a new laptop battery is not fully charged, but only for five or ten percent.In this case

, better to completely turn off the unit and wait for the full charge.After that, the battery is at full capacity.During the first charge is better not to use a laptop at all.

How to charge the laptop battery How to save battery

If you are faced with the problem of how to charge a laptop, you should also be aware that the battery is always charged when the unit is off.This provision preserves the capacity of the battery, which, as you know, over time, and so decreases.It also allows the device to be charged much faster.When deciding how to charge a laptop, you need to know how to use the battery during operation.Of course, this depends on many factors, but there are general guidelines on this issue.

1. As a rule, the laptop has already established a program or an option to customize power modes.With this option, you can disable some unnecessary features that are wasting energy.Therefore, if in front of you raised the question of how to properly use your laptop battery, do not forget to adjust the power consumption mode.

2. You must also remember that such parameter as brightness of the screen also allows you to reduce power consumption when you reduce it, but not in damage to your eyesight.

3. Many laptop users also turn off search for networks and Wi-Fi on your device, which, according to them, thus saving battery power.If you are not using at the Internet, it makes sense to disable these features.

How to use laptop battery Professional Advice

If before you raised the question of how to properly charge the laptop, but in most cases, the device operates on the network, it makes sense to remove the battery altogether.It also allows you to save the battery capacity of the notebook.But in this case, experts recommend to discharge the battery to fifty percent because a full charge parameters described above will be reduced.