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information vacuum, including business, in our time there.It is enough to register the company as a daily to your mailbox starts to come or that offer for advertising, promotion, accounting.Unfortunately, because of the information overload we do not take this issue seriously, just by sending a letter to cart spam.offer for advertising However, even a beginner it is clear that without advertising the case will not develop.The approach to it in the most diverse businesses: a lot depends on the specifics of the enterprise.For example, a hairdresser in a residential area may be advertised at bus stops, on billboards, on banners.But basically the most appropriate way to promote for it - word of mouth - that is satisfied client.But the company offering website development, hosting, complex technological solutions in such a way will not find buyers.Its main scope of advertising - the network and specialized business publications.If you want to engage in the promotion of someone else's services,

you will need to take into account the specifics of your potential customers.

Offer.The main components of

on mediation services can earn, and it all depends not only on investments, but on their own labor and effort.First of all, according to their abilities and knowledge, make offer for advertising.Commercial offer construction company based on your services should be the activity that you do best.Advertising is so varied and diverse that it is extremely rare company engaged in full cycle of promotion.Someone specializes in graphics (brochures, flyers, business cards), someone - on web design, others - on outdoor advertising and promotions.If the client received your offer for advertising, wants to include even some service, do not deny - just contact with other agencies and tell them of the work subcontracted.That is why it is desirable to make an offer "for growth."You have been creating websites?The offer for the advertising including the design of printed materials, promotion on social networks, copywriting.Find performer is much easier than getting a customer.In addition, it is advisable to have your offer for advertising portfolio included: a list of (and better link) realized projects (logos, websites, brochures, texts and the like).As with any offer, it should not be long.Your task - to show the client what services he received, to contact you.And most importantly - what result it will bring it (sales growth, brand awareness, customer loyalty).Proposals should be succinct and concise.Design - appealing and clear, readable.

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Offer - One of the main documents that you need to create and constantly updated.It can be published on your website and in the press and in the leaflets.Our offer includes the construction company as a portfolio of objects handed over a list (preferably with photographs).quotation for the provision of services And, of course, the list of services.There is also a technique of "room for growth" effect: under one brand can combine several subcontractors, concluding separate agreements with them.On the other hand, if a company sends a commercial offer for the provision of services in various fields of business, without a specific specialization, then you should think.Suppose you are really active entrepreneur and ready to find a performer on any order.But in this case, much better allocate individual offer (and even, perhaps, to different project name) services that you can provide.It is not necessary in the "one pot" dump decorating, design, copywriting, translations, childcare and sewing curtains.Even if you mnogostanochnik or have a lot of friends, partners and family members who will provide various kinds of services on behalf of your company, to make a separate quotation for each area of ​​activity.