Pillow under the foundation - the reliability of your home

Build a house - it is one of the three important things you must do in your life every man.A construction of any building, as is known, starts with the foundation.And here you have dug a pit under it, and then going to fill it with concrete.And this raises the question of whether there should be a foundation for theft.What material is it done?

Why a pillow under the foundation

pillow under the foundation

But first we need to understand, what is this pillow, what functions it performs.As you know, any more than the foundation of all afraid of frost penetration, which is very deep foundation.After the freezing of the soil gives some progress.And they act on the foundation of the house.And it is can lead to subsidence of the foundation, which will affect the structure.A pillow under the foundation will help to minimize the impact of the frozen soil on the entire structure.However, here there is another way - to dig deeper and get to the pit soil, which does not freeze.Then no progress will not be afraid of the foundation.Bu

t if your area is enough hard frosts, and the soil is frozen to a great depth, much concrete you will need to pour a foundation under the house?Also, do not in any soil can dig a pit deep enough, it all depends on its composition.Then the airbag for the foundation will be the only option.


Concrete preparations for the foundation

Hence, the main task of a cushion - the maximum stabilization of the base of the house.Today, builders use its three types: sand, crushed rock and concrete.But most do not choose what kind of cushion for the foundation will be in your home.The depth of the pit, as well as the kind of pillow experts are calculated and reported in the project buildings.These parameters depend on the level of groundwater, soil type, climate region, the number of storeys the house and other factors.

Sand bed for the foundation

Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages.For example, sand cushion under the foundation will cost the owner of the house is much cheaper than the rest.You can use it to provide optimal load on the base housing, and protect it from caving groundwater.The sand is taken to a large cushion, and its layer at the bottom of excavation should be between 20-25 centimeters.Also, it must be carefully leveled and compacted.And this is done by using a tool such as a vibrating plate.And do not skimp and use antiquated methods, they do not give the same result as the tool.Also in the works tamping the sand must be constantly watered.This will allow to achieve maximum density cushion.

Preparation of concrete for the foundation

sand cushion under the foundation

Since sand pillow - not the most reliable of all kinds, then use it for single-storey buildings, which are made of light materials.Also it will fit in those places in which groundwater are far from the surface.Well, the most reliable option is to concrete preparation for the foundation.But at the same time it is the most expensive.Here, first leveled the ground under the pillow, then it is covered with gravel.Then made formwork, which is filled with concrete of a certain brand.And for the strength of this structure is reinforced with a metal rod.And these pillows are used not only in the private construction, but also in the construction of high-rise buildings.