"Boeing 747-400": the history of the emergence, development and construction

appearance of

passenger plane "Boeing 747-400" is now in a leading position in the list of best-selling worldwide.In fact, it was established on the basis of several representatives of the series, but since the start of production has established itself as a completely new and revolutionary machine which, among other things, even the most capacious passenger airliner.The first order for it came from the company "Northwest Airlines" in October 1985.In less than three years, rose in the air a second copy of the aircraft.By the end of 1988 the American company was already 168 orders for "747-400", designed 16 aviation companies.

Boeing 747 400


In June 1989, launched the first international flight airliner.This was the route Tokyo - New York.Immediately after the orders for these machines from Singapore Airlines, as well as such well-known worldwide carriers as "KLM" and "Lufthansa".A little later for air lines from Japan has developed a modification with the increased capacity, which is used for pas

senger services between major cities in the country.Once there is information about the launch of the representatives of "Airbus" development of the capacious new liner, the scheme "747-400" was revised.In particular, on its basis it was decided to create a more capacious modification that could travel long distances and compete with the Europeans.As a result of this work was born the model series labeled "ER", which was produced until October 2009, when she was replaced by machines such as "747-8" and "777-300".

scheme Boeing 747 400


"747-400" is a jet airliner, equipped with four engines and has a classic tail feathers.The design uses mostly of aluminum alloys, as well as high strength steel, titanium, and composites.Fuselage liner has a circular cross section, the largest diameter of which is 6.5 m. Windows for passengers installed in increments of 50.8 cm, which provide a flexible layout of the interior.With regard to the door, then they number ten aircraft.Wings of the liner "Boeing 747-400" have trehlonzheronnuyu design.Due to a complex system of traction and pushing bending occurs during a sheathing release flaps that are automatically removed when the reverse thrust during landing.These planes are seven fuel tanks, the total volume of which is in the range from 183 380 to 210 423 liters.

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Navigation and Control System

navigation airliner "Boeing-747", a photo salon is located above depends on the wishes of the customer.The standard set includes: a communication system, two radio compass, three sets of instrument approach, the two DME and, of course, the so-called "black box".The four models of the complex set of navigation equipment, including six multi-colored monitors.To control the liner is used three times and fully redundant system booster.The bank is controlled due to the multi-spoilers and ailerons.Their internal sections operate at a cruising speed condition, while as external - exclusively small.Each of the six has polukrylev spoilers.As the rotary and altitude wheel consists of two sections with a shell made of fiberglass.