The nuances of the legal issues: privatization dorm room

been twice extended the period allotted for the privatization of housing, but people seem to be in no hurry to carry out this procedure.However, this is not always the result of their laziness.Very often, to privatize housing can only be brought together more than a dozen references, some of which are not so easy to get.

privatization dorm room

inhabitants of "dorm", too, need their accommodation

Now, when again exposed to the deadline to become homeowners, many worried about this question, as the privatization of a dorm room.Accommodation was obtained under the same conditions as apartments in buildings, but to become owners of legal documents for ownership of their property, most simply can not.According to the Federal Law "On privatization of housing stock", and specifically its article 4, privatize hostel is impossible, because it does not meet the definition of dwelling.That's the paradox - the space reserved for the residence of a large number of people, not an alternative ... and privatization dorm room is a big


dropped his hands or go to the end?

privatization of hostels

One of the reasons that living in the rooms are denied, is a building belonging to any enterprise.And that same enterprise or does not exist at all, or it is not formally on the paper.Also prevalent this option, when the company for a long time - even in the dashing 90 - sold to an individual, and ceased to be public property.And sometimes there are several factors and privatization dorm room becomes impossible.At least that's what you say when you take the first modest attempt.But it is no secret that there are people who have managed to crank out the procedure for obtaining the ownership of the hostel.So you can do the same.

How to get housing through the courts

If you need the privatization of rooms in the hostel, but you get a failure, try to perform the procedure through the courts.Firstly, some of the buildings of the number of "dorm" subject to privatization.It even happens that such an exclusion applies only to private rooms.How is this distribution - a complex issue in this pattern can be seen only the lawyers.Therefore, your task - not guess whether your room is to those, and get information on legal advice.Try to go to the first free, then paid (in ordinary towns, it costs about 300 rubles, which is immeasurably with access to home ownership).


privatization of hostels to court

One important limitation is that privatization of dormitories is not possible in the event that a person has applied to was inhabited March 1, 2004 and later.But here, there are cases where tenants managed to prove that they have the right to own property.However, if you are a member of this list, keep in mind that you have to exert a lot of effort.Although, of course, any struggle for their own interests in this case is such a result.


Often, the building passed to the authorities of the city and then formally ceases to be considered a hostel.Important for you to know whether there was the same with your housing.If so, then the whole process much easier, because then it will be considered an ordinary living room.And privatization of the hostel through the courts can be realized much easier.