The monetary system of the Russian Federation: the main features

general concept of the monetary system

monetary system of the Russian Federation is organized and governed by the laws of the relevant monetary circulation.the monetary system of the Russian Federation develops in Russia, the system is historically based on the experience of other countries.Thus, in various countries have appropriate monetary system.There are such main types of monetary systems as monometallism and bimetallism.Monometallism considered to be a monetary system in which the operation of one metal is also a cash equivalent and is in circulation.Bimetallism is the monetary system of the country, the action of which the state is fixed by law in the form of a universal equivalent of two metals (gold and silver) coins of which operate on an equal footing.There are three systems of bimetallism: a parallel currency in which the relationship between the coins (silver and gold) found on the market spontaneously;double currency - the ratio in the system established by the state, and "lame" currency, where gold and silver coins are legal te

nder in legally, but on different terms.

Features monetary system of Russia

the monetary system of the state Russian monetary system has its own characteristics, is the high dependence of the domestic economy from the constant changes in the external economic conditions, which determine the use of a floating exchange rate the Bank of Russia.This mode is carried out adequately the economic situation, as it allows to reduce the influence of negative factors such as the volatility of world prices for monetary policy with much less interference in the domestic foreign exchange market Bank of Russia.The monetary system of the state contributes to the establishment of the balance of payments not only in nominal but also real terms.At the same time the Bank of Russia took certain steps to avoid the presence of artificial or abrupt nature of the process.

role of monetary circulation in the Russian financial system

the monetary system of the country existence of any market is impossible without the circulation of money, which is represented by the movement of money, mediating the turnover of goods and services.The monetary system of the Russian Federation is responsible for organizing the purchase and sale of goods and services and, of course, the functioning of market finance.As an important element of the system is considered to be the national currency, the current legislation, and money, which can be used in terms of prices for goods.The specified currency is divided into smaller components: the price scale, which has lost economic sense with the termination of the exchange for gold lending money and the development of monopolies, and the system of issue of money, are the institutions that are eligible to issue securities and banknotes.The monetary system of the Russian Federation carries out the control that the order of this issue was legislated.