People sign: lose the cross - what does it mean?

pectoral cross

Almost every one of us has a cross, which is a powerful talisman against many of the negative effects on its possessor.People believe that it gives strength to bear a particular nuisance, life difficulties and hardships.The cross helps overcome the disease faster and easier.He is the personification of faith.It can neither give nor sell, as he is the keeper of your destiny.But it happens that he is lost, and not everyone knows what it stands for.What is the sign - to lose the cross?What is this?Some believe that it is a bad sign, while others worry about how any lost belongings, others take it for granted.We will tell everything in order.a sign of losing cross

loss cross from the perspective of the Church

should be noted that in the Church the loss of the cross is not seen as an omen of something bad.For the Christian, his loss does not mean that he was not protected from evil forces.After all, the cross - a sign of the love of God, his honor and willingness of each person to bear a certain cross,

entrusted to him by fate.It is a symbol of faith in the saving power of the Cross of Christ every Christian is the subject carefully.In the Church there is no such thing as luck.Losing cross due to careless attitude toward it shows lack of faith of man.And if the cross is lost because the frayed thread or a chain, the similar incident is not considered as a result of lack of faith.After all, this event took place against the will of man, and God can not punish him for it, and burdened with some additional tests or difficulties.So if you have lost pectoral cross, you should just buy a new one, but always blessed.

People sign: lose the cross - what is it?

Despite the fact that virtually the entire population believes in God, there is also a national sign, which characterizes this action as the loss of the cross.For those who do not know: People sign describes the consequences of a particular action, the likelihood of which is high enough.In short, people are watching certain incidents and the consequences when they passed from mouth to mouth, from century to century.According to one of these will lose the cross - means to lose the strength to bear his cross, and God gives you the choice by providing multiple paths.This does not mean that he refused to you, just given a new chance in life.a sign of the loss of the cross

Cross - Charm

In a second embodiment of what this sign means, to lose the cross - remain unprotected.Among the people around us, there are those who use magic can harm or, as they say, "put damage."The presence of the cross around the person creates a kind of shell that protects him from such exposure.With the loss of such a "talisman" disappears and the shell, thereby making the person vulnerable to such things.

Energy protection of human

It's no secret that we are surrounded by various kinds of energies that are generated in some action.This can be a positive energy, and negative (black).When exposed to human negative energy it loses its vitality, aches, fatigue appears and so on.Cross, mainly metal, it absorbs all this negativity, thus protecting it from the man.When he can not already hold myself all this energy, it breaks or is lost.Acquires a different meaning in this case the sign: to lose the cross - means to be in need of a new defense, which must be purchased.

sign of the cross to find Folk omens.Find the cross - what is it?

itself, this sign does not carry neither bad nor good, if you just pass by such findings.If you pick it up, then you take on a lot of negative energy that will not lead to anything good.In addition, many occult rituals "damage" done by means of tossing items, so choosing such a subject, you are risking to pick up and is something that can change your life for the worse.Nobody is safe can not say how true this is.As they say, better safe than sorry ...