How to effectively remove the nasolabial folds: in the cabin or home remedies?

When to start to solve the problem?

keep your skin young and radiant, with a smooth and velvety surface topography, the dream of every woman.This is especially true for the "business card" of the fair sex.

Nasolabial folds, to remove?

but time inevitably leaves fingerprints on the face of past years: by the age of 30-35 there are age-related changes of the skin, and just a regular good care can slow down time, maintaining elasticity and freshness long cover.

methods of facial rejuvenation in the cabin

One of the surest signs of the approaching aging skin is to change the face oval, which provokes the "strings of sorrow" - nasolabial folds.Remove these lines can be sharply defined in different ways.In severe cases, this can be done in a beauty salon injections, fillers, "Restylane", "Sudzhiderm", "Perlayn", "Juvederm Ultra," "Teosial" and others.

Nasolabial folds exercises

effect of such procedures ensures the perfect oval of her face for a year.Professionals in the beauty center to offer a different method, which will help to effectively an

d permanently hide the nasolabial folds.Remove them by using the lipofilling - filling lines these unfortunate own fat.The lipid substance taken from the thighs or waist of the patient and injected into the desired area of ​​the syringe.

Nasolabial folds massage

Hardware cosmetology pulse method can align the nasolabial folds.Remove the problem experts beauty centers can using hyaluronic acid or gels based on it.A special device holds the epidermis active impulses that contribute to the emergence of the waves and the acceleration of metabolic processes.The course of 5 or 6 procedures maintains the smoothness of the person within 12 months.

What can be done at an early stage?

And if these treacherous wrinkles are only just started to appear?Then you can remove the nasolabial folds and in the home, making them hardly noticeable.The use of effective creams with lifting effect, massage and facial exercises for the muscles on a daily basis will help to spread the nasolabial folds.Remove "lines of sorrow" - the result of motor activity of facial muscles when the manifestation of different emotions, including joyful - can help various types of massage and stretching exercises.

Result procedures


consider two types of effects on the nasolabial folds: shiatsu massage and Asahi.Shiatsu - a three-point tapping his fingertips pressed together (the second, third and fourth), age lines.Then, light stretching movements direct skin from the nose wings to the edges of the cheekbones.This method worked not only wrinkles, but also the entire surface of the face to achieve the best result.Asahi - a powerful constant pressure on the skin, helps to warm up its deeper layers until the facial bones.This massage is a kind of pain, but it is effective in fighting wrinkles and nasolabial folds.

Nasolabial folds away in men is real?

Sculptural aerobics face from the world-renowned expert in feysbildingu - Carol Maddzhio - promotes the development of an organism of collagen, which smooths nasolabial folds.Exercises of this technique are simple and suitable for all facial muscles, from frontal to genial.This efficient gymnastics women are often called non-surgical face-lift method.Carrying out exercises twice a day for 10-15 minutes, you can turn back the clock, erasing lines, wrinkles, and the reflection in the mirror will delight you.Star Luminary Bodyflex - Greer Childers - was able to develop a unique and rather complicated abdominal breathing technique, which mastered, can be combined with massage BAP (biologically active points) effectively at home to remove the nasolabial folds.If you can not be lazy regularly and thoroughly look after a person, your unique image of the "Cover" without Photoshop to continue for years to come.