How to get a guy - a few simple tips

So, let us discuss how to achieve a Man


First, do not forget about the main girlish weapon - a smile.Perhaps you do not have a model figure, classical features and lush mane of hair, but an open, friendly, sincere smile will help you to be the focus of any, even the most experienced men.Smiling, as if you are applying his message: "I am not dangerous, I am open to dating."Gloomy same kind of vicious able to cross even the bright appearance.

«effect of presence» how to get a Man

You must reside somewhere near the object of his passion.If you take the question: "How to woo a guy?" - Remember that most people relate well to their surroundings.Stay close to the man of your dreams and you will see that it will give you success.


not know how to get a guy?But the answer is ridiculously simple: listen to him.You may not agree with the man, but it is necessary to listen to him.For men, there is nothing more pleasant contemplation girl who eagerly caught every word, nodding with interest and expresses a

ll kind attention to his words.In his eyes, you automatically become a special smart and get a few points in the karma.Also, do not skimp on the praise: as they say, a kind word and a cat is nice.

stand out from the crowd

you want to attract the attention of men?Try to make sure that in his view you were not like all the other girls.Pay more attention to his personality, hopes, aspirations.However, do not overdo it: a surplus of care and tenderness quickly become boring.You do not want to be associated with a loved boring "mom"?how to woo a Man
Be a

If the previous suggestions do not help you solve the riddle of "how to get a Man", we have another one: Always be yourself, do not change your personality in an effort to please.Any good that still does not lead: in a desperate attempt to get a man, you can "play" anyone, but stable relations on such shaky foundation, alas, did not build.


Self-esteem - one of the keys to success.Never enters your comfort in order to curry favor with the young man: Believe me, he did not appreciate.No matter how trite, but it's true: if you do not respect yourself, no one will respect you.Without respect, as you know, can not be love.Think about whether or not to seek Man price that he will neglect you frankly?
whether to seek Man


Suppose you can not boast an impeccable appearance, but you must be well maintained at all times.Skin, nails, hair, manicure - all this must look perfect, and in the early morning and late at night, and at work, and lectures, and even if you just jumped to a nearby store to buy bread.Sleek - what attracts all men without exception, even if they themselves do not realize it.


still wondered how to get the guy?Try to always show joy, ease and lightness.Nobody wants someone else's problem - everyone wants to see next to a man who enjoys life, sports and laughing.

And, perhaps, the last tip

Using these tricks, try not to overplay, be natural.Men feel great hypocrisy in behavior and be able to distinguish the sincere interest of the manipulative, strained fun of genuine joie de vivre.