How to draw patterns on your nails: some ideas

patterns on your nails - it is both a way to stand out, and the opportunity to showcase all of their artistic ability and taste.Now ordinary, even a perfectly executed manicures no surprise.Therefore, many people prefer to spend a little time to become not the same as all.Patterns on nails manicure really give personality.The ability to draw on a varnish allows you to always be different, choose a manicure to the suit, surprise others.Anyone who does not plan to attend the weekly salons, may well learn the art and nail art at home.Learn basic first basic options and then you can move on to more difficult.patterns on the nails

how to draw patterns on the nails

You will need a brush of the old varnish.It needs to be thoroughly cleaned.With scissors, cut the hair so that it was very thin.Thus, it is very easy to draw the line.Also, you will need lacquers, cotton, floss, needle, and the solvent.Nail application patterns should be thick, but not to draw patterns on the nails

Patterns on nails: the idea to implement

  • highlight could be a
    simple strip drawn obliquely and slightly sprinkled shine.
  • Use acrylic applications in the form of small flowers, which can be scattered on the tip of the nail.
  • Draw polish large peas.These prints are now in vogue among Hollywood stars.patterns on the nails in the home
  • Feminine looks floral pattern.Effectively look exotic bright colors.If you make neutral colors or white, then a manicure and suitable for the office.
  • Painted animal print looks very impressive and easy to apply.
  • Hieroglyphics also very simple in design, look intriguing, and can carry a certain sense, if they pick up on the mood.patterns on the nails
  • color jacket can be very original with the unusual combination of paints (gray and burgundy, white and gold, crimson and lime, etc.).
  • Make patterns on your nails, you can use glitter or using crystals, stones for nails.
  • Simple and convenient to paint a stencil.
  • Figure foil varnish-based, fixed fixer, get accurate and executed quickly.
  • option for beginners - drawing on a varnish gel pen.
  • You can use the magnetic paint.In this case, no need to draw anything, is enough to bring to the freshly painted surface magnet that is sold complete with paint and nails will be striped without effort on your part.
  • Even water can be a simple manicure.If you have little experience, you can try at the center of a glass of cold water drip different varnishes, then gently mix them with a toothpick, to get the pattern.Dip your nails in a solution to bring them flowers improvised.patterns on the nails

Where to start?Tip for beginners

patterns on your nails at home, of course, you can make and difficult, but it must first be trained.Start with all the application of gel pen, then you can learn drawing with lacquer, and after that you submit to a manicure and water.