How to choose the right mink coat

mink coats come in a standard black or brown, or has an exquisite mahogany color.Pretty rare models made of fur noble white, blue or pearl colors.Currently, there are the most improbable colors that are obtained by crossing.To the product retains its appeal and was durable, you should know how to choose a mink coat.

how to choose a mink coat

qualitative criteria buy

only need to acquire such clothes that accentuate individual qualities of the owner and adds to it a special grace.Correctly chosen fur coat will not only warm, but also to give a special charm.Possessing the necessary knowledge on how to choose a quality mink fur coat, especially pay attention to the processing of fur, a long nap and hue.The acquisition of such a product - a very serious matter, takes time.Very often, simplify the situation helps qualified professional advice from fur salon, which can also give recommendations for further care product.First of all, we choose a mink coat on the basis of its value.These products have a high price, but there a

re quite affordable model in the form of short fur jackets and coats that are more low-cost than long.Such exquisite coats and attract its luxurious appearance.Today released and low-end models, made of pieces of fur.These coats look stylish and elegant and has good durability.Products made of mink acquire better in the summer, during this period prices have become significantly lower.Knowing how to pick a mink coat, you can always choose a model with an affordable price and in accordance with the taste of the future owner.

how to choose a high-quality mink coat

Assessment of the quality of fur

Before choosing a mink coat, you should study the properties possessed by this beautiful fur.Please check its quality.To do this, carry out his hand along the pile on it should not remain any lint and hair.If this happens, it is said that the coat to wear will constantly mink coat high quality mink fur is very silky and soft to the touch, after the collapse, he quickly straightened.Very often, in order to achieve a certain characteristic color, manufacturers have resorted to the fur staining.To check the quality of the painting, it is necessary to carry out the usual pile of cloth.It should have no spots.In natural brown coat should not be areas of fading.The surface of fur products such smooth and without any bald patches.Before you choose a mink coat, you need to check the model and from the wrong side, as well as to explore the quality of completed welds and threads.Very often, manufacturers of fur products are for bonding parts with glue.These coats are considered substandard and likely to have an artificial fur.Currently, mink often replace colored marmot or a rabbit.Such coats softer and short fur.