Carbohydrate-free diet: the hard way

Study of the problem of people losing weight - the area is very interesting, even though it received the results are often controversial.You can transfer the altered mice to diet and note any improvements, but a man can not be kept under control.Yet according to the results of experiments turns out that a diet with limited carbohydrates work better than others.An extreme version of this approach is a carbohydrate-free diet.

carbohydrate-free diet

Two difficulty levels

This diet involves the complete abandonment of uglevodosoderzhaschih products, even the normally permitted wholegrain breads and cereals are forbidden products.Typically on such a diet is ignored small amount (up to 3 g) of carbohydrate in milk products.However, the strict diet described embodiment, even dairy products are excluded, and only one person eats meat muscular type.

remove fat, muscle, leave!

But why become so popular carbohydrate-free diet?Bodybuilding need a way to get rid of fat while maintaining muscle to the maximum.And for that opt

imal carbohydrate-free diet is high protein approached.Of course, this style gives greater power load on the liver and kidneys, and because non-professionals need to treat this diet carefully.

carbohydrate-free diet bodybuilding

Safety diet

Now let's talk about the precautions.The first measure - reasonable limitation of the duration of the diet.Do not use it more than two weeks, maximum - three (for a very full).Then you have to make a break for 6-8 weeks.Then you can come back to this diet.The second measure - do not eat a lot of protein products.The total amount of protein should not be more than 2 g per kg of body, unless you are doing grueling workouts.The third measure - drink up to 50% more water than prescribed by your height and weight, and the additive should be at the expense of mineral water.If you do not even 2 weeks you may begin an active process of formation of kidney stones.


how to transfer carbohydrate-free diet?Reviews say it is hard enough.Especially the first 3-4 days.Then, the body adapts, and dreams of leaving sweetie to return by the end of 7-8 days.If you survive this second crisis, then soak for two weeks.In the early days of possible severe weakness, up to fainting, and a very special performance.On the fourth day the brain is able to eat the products of fat breakdown.If you do not try to sustain and carbohydrate foods, anguish have to start again.

carbohydrate-free diet reviews Detox required

carbohydrate-free diet requires special care to the body.You have to do every day yourself an enema.Protein diet suggests a lack of fiber, it leads to the accumulation of feces, which is very unfavorable for the general well-being, since the collapse of the protein products involves the formation of strong poisons.So enema to help, and the scope of the intestine have a bacterial after the diet to restore.

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carbohydrate-free diet - this is an extreme method.It switches the metabolism of fat path and greatly affects the body.Therefore, it is logical to start with the easier option - low-carbohydrate diet, in which a person eats less than 50g of carbohydrates per day.When remade style food, you can begin experimenting with a full exception of carbohydrates.