Features of the female orgasm or where the G-spot

That is erogenous zones and how to use them, every man knows.However, the existence of a point G is not known to everyone.For the first time we speak about it in the 50 years of the 20th century after the discovery made by the gynecologist E.Grefenbergom.He proved that on the front wall of the vagina is a special area, very sensitive to touch.So for the first time in history, it became known where the point G. By the way, its name, this erogenous zone is received in honor of the German doctor, made a big discovery in the theory of female sexuality.where the point g

value of G-spot Stimulation

this zone in the woman awakens the deepest and pleasant, it leads to the summit of pleasure.Sometimes this place is even called a "point of pleasure", and this is understandable: the fact that this is where the fibers are leading directly to the pudendal nerve.Men who have a clear idea of ​​where the point G, knows that incentives in this field allows to bring a woman pleasure and bring her to orgasm much faster than touch an

d caress any other erogenous zone.It must be said that the presence in the title the word "point" can lead to confusion, since it is more of a small area of ​​the body, endowed with hypersensitivity than a tiny "speck".massage point G

where the point G?

In order to deliver your favorite truly heavenly delight, you must first learn how to accurately locate the area.Experts say that it should be sought on the anterior surface of the vagina, at a depth of 3 to 5 cm. However, in some women, "coverage" of a given point can vary in the range of 1-10 cm and still be off-center.To determine the "point of pleasure" should wait until the excitement female reaches its maximum.At this time, the size of this area increases, and therefore find it much easier.It is necessary to find a site with a bit rough surface, a bit like goosebumps.Italian scientists believe that the area is a seal of muscles, similar in size to an ordinary bean.By the way, it turns out that half of mankind, too, there is a similar area.Point G male is located directly below the bladder and the path to it is only through the anus.So bring your partner caress a woman can and without any stimulation of the penis.Also unearthly pleasure, massage this point is a good prevention of prostatitis, but without asking a partner to do it for obvious reasons, not recommended.

Massage ji point: how to do it better?

Point G men According to sexologists, the greatest effect is achieved when a woman will be able to relax and concentrate on your breathing.Therefore, a good start to take a bath together, adding water and special flavors of oil.Massage can begin with the whole body and to supplement it with kneading foot.Complete relaxation can be achieved only when the room is cozy and comfortable.Soft, muted and relaxing music will be very helpful.Start stimulating the G-spot is necessary with a slight pressure.It should feel your partner and you can be sure it touch brings fun and there is no discomfort.Well, and if I had a place where there is a point G, since, and could not find, do not despair, because you can achieve orgasm without stimulating it.Moreover, the point of excitation at times able to disappear.