For those who want to lose weight: how to reduce appetite folk remedies?

There are many ways to reduce your appetite.Some even use for this purpose special tablets.However, no matter how to see, but it's chemistry, which can cause many problems in the body.But traditional methods of how to reduce the appetite, are completely safe, but no less effective.

how to reduce appetite

How to avoid overeating?

It often happens that a man waiting for a meal, literally pounces on food, consuming it in large quantities.Apart from heaviness in the stomach after 15-20 minutes after the end of the meal, it is also fraught with unfortunate appearance of excess weight.To prevent overeating, it is enough to remember a few simple rules:

  • should not put too much food in the dish - then even the normal portion will seem small to you, and therefore will have an incentive to put something else;
  • food should be eaten slowly, carefully chewing each bite;
  • not recommended to have a television or while reading the newspaper;
  • try to eliminate from the diet is too fatty foods, reduce to a minimum the number of spices
  • before a meal, drink a glass of plain water or tomato juice;
  • eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables.

means reducing appetite

few words about snacking "in between timesĀ»

Many people can not unlearn the habit of snacking between meals.How to reduce your appetite and avoid temptation?In general, here you will need your willpower.But if the addiction is stronger than you, try to make yourself less harmful snacks: for example, you can eat the sweet fruit (banana or apple), as an option - to eat a slice of black (no milk!) Chocolate.

Eat cereal!

80% of the food that a person consumes, it is necessary for breakfast and lunch.If you add to the diet of wheat germ, you will provide your body a constant flow of fiber and vitamin B. In addition, cereal prevent the appearance of fat deposits in the body and digested long enough, there is a feeling of hunger there is not soon.

Avoid alcohol

If you are looking for ways to reduce your appetite, you have to completely give up alcohol.Just as seasoning, it can exacerbate the feeling of hunger.

not to eat at night

Of course, many people are drawn to the refrigerator the night.But if before bedtime, you drink a glass of warm milk with honey, will be able to sleep more quickly and night "kitchen raid" would be required.

Discard the mayonnaise and sour cream

If you eat salads, it is best to fill them with vegetable fats.If we abandon the sour cream and mayonnaise do not go out, change out on the low-fat yogurt.

reduce appetite folk remedies

few secrets in order to reduce people's appetite

  • Pour a glass of water and spread it in a tablespoon of apple cider (natural, not synthetic!) Vinegar.Drink water before meals.
  • Pour a glass of boiling water a few teaspoons of parsley broth.Broth need to boil for about 15 minutes over low heat, and then several times a day to drink polchashechki drink.
  • Speaking of funds, reduce appetite, can not forget about the stigma of corn.200 milliliters of cold water is only 10 grams.In a water bath stigmas have to brew for 20 minutes.Take before meals for one tablespoon.
  • Pound medium garlic cloves (3 things) and pour a glass of boiled cold water.Take as needed before meals (no more than a tablespoon at a time!).
  • Another option is to reduce the appetite of people's means - every morning on an empty stomach to drink 20 ml of linseed oil.