Your character - list.

character - is ...

What is a character?It's a few features of human behavior, combined into one.Character formation and development - an important direction of development of the individual.

Traits: A list of consists of both positive and negative character - what are they?

character - a very long list of them.There are two kinds of features - both positive and negative.It is necessary to transfer those and others.Positive character traits - a list that consists of the following qualities: courage, courtesy, complacency, conviviality, hospitality, care, kindness, gentleness, cheerfulness, gentleness, perseverance, independence, self-reliance, compassion, confidence, respect, patience, listening, integrity,enthusiasm and a lot of other.Impossible to name them all, as several of the above definitions can be mixed to form new traits.The list will therefore be very large.Negative features include aggression, anger, resentment, selfishness, self-centeredness, frivolity, irresponsibility, arrogance, arrogance, rudeness and many other negative qualities tha

t man did not adorn.But sometimes and negative character traits, the list of which is also not small, can benefit a person.If he would have only good qualities, then it will be very difficult to live.No wonder they say: "A good man hard life."And why?Because what he was doing for the people - and listen and advise, and always will.Sometimes it is useful to show a little bit of selfishness, and this quality is listed as character traits are not entirely positive.

Values ​​

The list of traits - from which it depends, strictly speaking This list may partially overlap with the list of values.They determine for a person what is important in his life and especially his conduct.In this case, more effective work on the values ​​and value systems than on traits of his character.But if a person has not yet developed a system of values, carried out on the nature and characteristics of the work will have some meaning.Traits man ... List, as we discovered, it may consist of both positive and negative qualities of.The number of those and other depends on a person's upbringing and his own beliefs and goals.

How to develop character

Traits person - the list can consist of one person, and more than a dozen .. There is one way to develop a good character: just need to re-read it every day description of the behavior that is considered ideal.It is also useful to develop the character of self-designed development system.Very good to produce a useful habit, since human behavior is determined by their totality.It is useful to work on the actual traits.First we need to write out both positive and negative, and then those who would like to develop in yourself.Then for each day selected one trait, and all day long people should show it as often as possible.Later this should be repeated "treatment", because, as they say, repetition - the mother of learning ...