Lilac color and its impact on human

When it comes to purple flowers in the first place there is the image in my head of lilac bushes: delicate and beautiful, with a nice subtle scent.Any color we have something synonymous, and it's not by accident.Each person to be given to a specific value.

What does color psychology?

lilac Psychologists believe that the color of lilac - a symbol of the future.At the same time it shows the immaturity of character, so it is selected teenagers.The younger brother of purple gives the impression of some mystery.Purple is obtained by mixing red and blue and lilac color to get, and need more white paint.

People sensual

In psychology, this color represents human affection not only to people but also things or lifestyle.Therefore, his fans have sophistication, sensuality and take hard separation, separation.They are creative people who are distinguished by patience and a willingness to help.But such people are also endowed with a tendency to depression, however, they are in this state, do so out of it and


Man dreamer

the color purple man who prefers the color purple, lilac, violet, likes to fantasize.This charming dreamer is in a state of meditation and thinking about the sublime, castles in the air.However, this color greatly affects the essence of man and his spiritual direction: it is thanks to the lilac can be found in themselves and "pull" on the surface of the creative force.For example, psychics respect violet tones and shades.They like people who need to translate their unconventional nature of the profession: healers, actors, politicians.

How it can be used in the interior?

The interior of the purple color should be used with caution and preferably in places where people are not too often, for example, in the bathroom.Shades of lavender or lilac will emphasize comfort and "heat" of the room.For toilet or hallway is also possible to apply these colors, it blends perfectly with the white, orange, yellow.

lilac clothing purple and shades of clothing

Everyone loves more than any other specific color and feel of the colors in clothes as comfortable as possible.Interestingly, lilac color in clothes which people prefer? Purple is the desire to please others and to feel the admiring glances.Because it combines the two absolute opposites: red (symbol of fire) and blue (symbol of freedom, peace of mind).Since purple - a shade of purple, their functions are almost identical.Wear the colors of nature mysterious and creative, inward-looking and are often restless.Shades of lilac, lavender create the impression of coolness, so their clothes are used feminine nature, dreamy, with a certain sense of superiority over others, as well as having good taste.

combinations of colors

purple shades and tones of their diluted interact perfectly with yellow: this is the most contrasting combination of all.For example, the flowers "pansies" have such coloring.Remarkably combined with pistachio purple, blue, pink, turquoise, light green, pale beige or black.If clothing or connect purple lilac and gray, you get a combination of aristocratic tones.We wish you choose your color!