Scrub at home for the body, the secret of young skin

Clean and delicate skin - this is exactly what we always strive for.But ordinary shower gels do not help get rid of old skin cells.As a rule, they live about six weeks.Thereafter die accumulating not only on the face, but also on the whole body.Thus, living cells are clogged, which leads to peeling, irritation, acne, and so forth.All of this is unacceptable and unsightly.For this there is peeling.Scrub at home to prepare the body is not difficult.But its regular use to rejuvenate the skin, suspend aging.She is gentle, velvety, healthy and elastic.So scrub at home for the body - a secret elastic skin.

Scrub at home for body Why do we need a scrub

Every day we bathe, wash your face - it is commonplace.But once a week you need to feast our skin.Scrub the bath is necessary to renew the cells, clean them from dirt and dust.Even if we can not see, then do not worry, it still exists.Assuming constant scraping skin will look younger and more beautiful.Besides, it is such a nice and simple procedure will help get rid of cellulit


How to use the scrub

This means home cooking should be used no more than once or twice a week.Do not neglect this rule, because the daily procedures may also damage the delicate and sensitive body.Apply scrub you need to clean, steaming bath skin neat, gentle movements.Do not rub too hard, as you may experience redness and discomfort.Move from the neck down while using an amount of money that is needed.You can then immediately rinse with warm, but not hot (!) Water.It is best to apply after the procedure vitaminized mask body.For example, a whisk in a blender banana (strawberries, kiwi) with dining spoon of olive oil, fit and grape, peach, almond, coconut.Leave a mask for the body for five to ten minutes and rinse.After such care lubricate body cream, lotion or a nourishing oil.

scrubs of coffee grounds for the body Recipe coffee

popularity among women are scrubs of coffee grounds to the body.They are practical, smell good and are perfect for sensitive skin.In addition, to help get rid of cellulite.But, of course, ideal fresh coffee beans.They need to grind, add two tablespoons of oatmeal and mashed banana, kiwi, strawberries, raspberries.All thoroughly in a blender or kill his own mix.Add two or three tablespoons of oil peach seed, grape seed or olive oil.Scrub at home for the body is ready to use!

scrub in the bath recipe salt

This tool is suitable for those who do not have very sensitive skin.Take two tablespoons of sea salt, some fruits (strawberries, kiwi, banana) and grape seed oil, peach, coconut or olive.Thoroughly whisk together all ingredients in a blender.Scrub at home ready for the body!

Recipe Chocolate

Gourmet it fit perfectly!This scrub at home body will nourish the skin and saturate with minerals and vitamins.In a water bath gently melt dark chocolate.Add the grated zest of lemon or orange, coffee and olive oil.Stir and use.Such care is a great way to renew and rejuvenate the skin!