Which means you can speed up hair growth?

Most women dream of long and healthy hair.However, the strength and patience to ensure that enough to grow hair is not all.Then they think it is possible to accelerate the growth of hair and how to do it.Of course, modern technology specialists offer a variety of capacity, allowing for just a few hours to get gorgeous hair with long locks of any color.According to statistical surveys, men like naturalness, and any artificial intervention they hate.So, to attract the attention of a decent man will have to work on their own appearance.

accelerate the growth of hair is: is it possible?

speed up hair growth

artificially speed up or slow down the growth of hair is virtually impossible.But do not hurry to get upset, because there are many tools that improve blood circulation.This directly affects the hair follicles.You probably noticed in life that every human hair grows in its own way.This is explained by genetic inheritance, and to change the structure of genetics yet no one could.So, in order to speed up hair growth

, it is necessary to take care of their power and capacity that can be achieved through proper nutrition.Health may be only the hair which gets the desired amount of nutrients and trace elements, such as iodine, calcium, and magnesium.They are found in dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables.

How to stimulate hair growth: external influence

how to stimulate hair growth

activate blood circulation can not only by good preparation of the diet and the careful selection of products, but also due to external influences.Particularly effective special massage for the head.Of course, the quality will be able to perform the procedure by a qualified massage therapist.But not all the budget allows ladies to attend the expensive procedure.In this case, you can periodically before washing the hair to massage their own or with the help of special devices, which are sold in pharmacies and do not require major capital investments.The procedure should be done just before washing the head, and not after, as activates the sebaceous glands, which means that it gets dirty quickly again.Particular attention should be paid to the selection of cosmetics.Preference is better to give organic products based on natural oils and ingredients.

How to speed up hair growth: folk remedies

how to accelerate the growth of hair folk remedies

Proponents of alternative medicine offer a great variety of different masks, based on the use of natural products.The most effective activator of hair growth is considered pepper tincture and essential oils, they represented a wide range of both in pharmacies and in stores.These substances are considered aggressive enough, so that the need to apply them in a certain proportion, by adding to the base mix.Otherwise, then have to treat burn and not be pleased progress.Very good effect on the condition of the hair have a base oil such as coconut, burdock, castor, almond, grape seed and shea butter.They can add a couple of drops of any essential oil, or half a teaspoon pepper tincture.To accelerate the growth of hair will help mask on the basis of egg yolk, tablespoons of honey and brandy.The mixture evenly on your hair, wrap head with cling film, wash off after 20 minutes.