I have no friends - what to do?

First, we should consider the mechanism of the acquisition of friends.Who do people want to chat?That's right: those who attracts success.Money and power also affect the popularity of others, but to a lesser degree.They want to be friends with well-known and famous, with those on everyone's lips.You do not have to take a global scale, it is enough to take a small courtyard.What do we see there?And we see that people are drawn more often to those who have a strong personality and a strong personality.I do not have friends

How to make more friends?

First you need to change internally.You may be a genius, and has a remarkable spiritual qualities, but if you do not will be in the presence of others, then they will remain unfulfilled, and the phrase "I have no friends" will accompany you to the end of life.The second criterion for choosing friends can be described as similar interests.This is always attracted to like.Forget psevdopravilo known that opposites attract.In love, maybe it is, but not friendship.

Why are we made friends easily as a child?how to make more friends

Yes, because there is just triggered this feature similarity.When we go to a kindergarten or sitting at a desk in school, we really are very close to each other in spirit.We have common interests, goals, even habits.That is why it is so important to children's ability to appreciate the friendship, carry it through life.After all, over the years more and more circumstances will stand between us and the childhood friends, we must be able to bypass them because no one can understand you better than the one acquired at school age.

Take the initiative

Another good way to get hold of friends - to go himself to the contact.For good reason there is a rule: keep it simple, and people to reach for you.Sociable, open and friendly people always attract attention.And then hardly from you can hear the phrase "I have no friends."

I have no friends

The older we get, the harder it is to find friends

Here can help the cause.The partners in the business - is not it a kind of friendship?But here we must be very careful, because the main condition for any friendly relations - that trust and sincerity.If it is not, neither of which friendship can not be considered.

Do not forget about the effect of the mirror

gist of it is this: we like people who are interested in ourselves.Do you want to get hold of a new friend?Take him my sincere sympathy and interest, and soon you will get a response of sympathy in return.

Forget the phrase "I have no friends," or they have never will

Who wants to be friends with a man who lives as a hermit, and no interest.Just look at ourselves, analyze the situation and try to honestly answer yourself: what's the cause of your loneliness?Maybe the point is that you're just afraid to trust people?Betrayal, as it is known, has no statute of limitations for a long time leaves a trace in the soul.But you have to step over themselves and others once again believe.It is not easy, but without this in any way.

I have no friends!Yes, shame, shame, but you can change this situation

Or maybe you're just wrong and misinterpreted the situation, constantly repeating: "I have no friends!".For one - it is not the one who always comes to your house, although it is not ruled out.There are other friendships, when people are not seen for years, but it is necessary to happen any trouble, and one immediately hands you a helping hand.This, too, is impossible to forget.Communicate, lead an active lifestyle and your environment will increase.