What are suited horses

Historical roots

Historians and archaeologists have not come to a consensus about which of domesticated animals first.Someone says that it was a dog.However, the set of arguments suggests that tamed the horse before.In analyzing this interesting situation, we can say that the color of the horse from the beginning distinguished by great diversity.In the wild, color plays an important role for any animal.According to the theory of the convergence of different types of animals that live in the same region, it is becoming common features in color.Color allows you to remain invisible to the predator in a particular landscape.

Suits horses Spread Spectrum

main suit horses known to people long ago.Extant historical records contain a lot of interesting data and evidence about horses in general and about the features of their color in particular.Widely known for the legend of how, as a young age, Alexander the Great tamed headstrong stallion.So, what color it was the horse, experts do not undertake to assert unequivo

cally.As evidenced by irrefutable sources, even in the most remote times considered the four major suits: black, bay, chestnut and gray.Modern experts distinguish the 14 stripes.

Horse breed Seasonal changes color

On the basis of a combination of different colors and shades of colors number grew to five dozen.It should be noted that all breeds of horses can have a color in the entire designated range.In areas with a sharp change of seasons in the winter painting of horses becoming lighter and matte.Especially it is noticeable in the north, in Yakutia, where inhabits northern breed.Local horses tolerate low temperatures.This feature is explained due to the thick feathers, which they acquire for the winter.The same properties are different, "the Mongolian" - undersized and very hardy.

All horse breeds Colour and physiological features

All existing color of the horse in one way or another determine the physical abilities of animals.In any case, a large amount of information on this relationship.Arabs - a nomadic people, and along with camels, they used horses for centuries.They have a common gray Arabian horse breed.Despite this fact, many riders are guided by the old rule: "Never buy a red horse, sell a crow, the care of white, and the trips on the bay."Follow this rule or not a private matter.However, experts seriously believe that horses are hardier dark suits.

Suits horses regional preferences

Considering suit horses in different countries and regions, we can say that the most common sorrel and red.There is one subtlety.In practice, chestnut color to distinguish from the red is not so simple.Experts are well aware that the red horse legs the same color as the body.And here at the bay horse clearly looked through "golf" in black or dark color.Red horses are more common in Russia and France, and the bay in the UK.These facts have repeatedly noted in the historical and artistic literature.For example, Field Marshal Kutuzov went to the army in the red mare.