Satanic fungus - what a horror


Special literature claims that the satanic mushroom poison.However, this condition is very relative.The thing is that it becomes edible only after prolonged soaking and boiling for 10 hours.These procedures make cooking a completely inedible pulp organoleptic properties of the fungus.Therefore, many pickers ignore them in the preparation of meals, which can lead to serious injury of the spleen, liver, nervous system, because the flesh is really satanic mushroom poisonous.Read an interesting article in the continuation of the information associated with this miracle of nature.

Boletus satanas Satanic mushroom.Description

As we can see in the pictures, it looks a little different from the most common type of pink boletus.Yet a striking similarity, which is different satanic fungus, is very misleading.For example, boletus does not pose any danger to human health of toxic substances, while the tubular formation of the satanic mushroom from the very earliest period of development actively accumulate and produc

e toxins muscarinic type.In order to observe the characteristic symptoms of poisoning resulting from the use of the fungus, it is enough to eat only 50 grams of the ill-fated representative forest thicket.Satan According to its biological structure of the satanic mushroom belongs to the boletus.It can be found in the southern regions of the territory of our country.It grows usually in oak groves or thickets ravine.Much less find the satanic mushroom next to the lime trees or robbed.In the process of growth can reach a very impressive size.There are instances in which the cap diameter grows to 40 cm. Judging by the description of this fungus, cap at an early age has a structure resembling a cushion, with a smooth outer surface coated with thick skin.On the inner side of the cap situated dense cancellous light pink hue.If you touch it - the satanic mushroom velvety surface.Top the mushroom green, olive or brown.Boletus satanas description yellowish tint to tint the color of olives can be widespread in the dark places where light level is very low.Usually it is under the old oak and lime trees with a thick undergrowth of young animals.The foot of the leg like a mushroom Borovik, however, if you make an incision, it can be seen as appears at first blue and then bright red.It is the interaction of oxygen from the surrounding air with poison.

How to distinguish

distinguish it possible for the unpleasant odor of rotten onions often.While at a young age as a bright sign may well be missing.So be careful to cut the legs.If it turns blue in a few minutes, an urgent need to get rid of the fungus.At home, it is unlikely you will be determined.

He generally edible

said that if the satanic mushroom correct heat treatment will take place, it will be quite edible, however, strongly advise you not to test their health.