Positive stones.

Many centuries ago, people asked for help to the forces of nature, they protected them from negative influences from outside, kept for years mental and physical health.Powerful energy, as well as healing and magical properties are and stones.Pomegranate among the minerals is not the last place.Depending on color distinguish six main types of stone, but still the most familiar to most people are dark-red crystals, also called carbuncles.

Garnet stones grenade in the old

In ancient times, often as talismans and amulets were used stones.Garnet was no exception, even though the mineral is often found in nature, but to find a truly ideal model without defects is very difficult.High-quality crystals were going to insert for rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets are made and beads.Large polished stones used for cutting various paintings, family portraits, images of rulers and gods.Some gems have survived to our times, even for a single inspection can understand how great was the skill of the artists-engravers.In the er

a of romanticism ladies prefer to wear natural stones.Garnet was then at the peak of popularity.

all about the garnet stone Healing properties of mineral

Many people worship grenades, considering it very healing.Its properties are designed to protect people from injuries and illness, so the Crusaders on long hikes, always wear rings with mineral.All of the stone pomegranate was known in India, yoga has always used it in meditation, because its vibrations affect not only the physical but also on mental body.It is believed that the mineral support immunity, gives strength and energy.In Russia, it was recommended to carry grenades pregnant women as it helps in childbirth.Stone promotes wound healing, stimulates circulation, promotes tissue regeneration, increases the potency.Crystal set in silver, it helps with bronchitis, and the ring on the middle finger of the right hand can help in diseases of the throat and high temperature.On top of that mineral has a positive effect on the emotional state of a person.

properties of stone Garnet magical properties of stones

Garnet often wore rulers and people in authority because he is able to give power over others.Stone is ideal passionate and purposeful natures of such owners, he becomes more saturated color.Mineral not like spies, they will never support it, miser grenades and despised, but still will not prevent the accumulation of wealth.The character's emotional state, people's intentions are very good feel and understand the stones.

Garnet in the case of complete unity with the owner guarantees to attract and retain well-being, happiness and energy.If a person was in a difficult situation, the mascot will get away with it, coolly solve all problems.This amulet of great musicians, painters, sculptors, poets, ie all creative people whose work depends on the mood and emotional state.Pomegranate - a stone honest and decent people, so wear it is only in the pure thoughts and deeds.