The majestic fur seal

General description

Seals - majestic and graceful animals.Name mammals was due a long mustache that adorn their faces sharp.Fur seal belongs to the family of eared seals, which includes about 15 species.In the waters of the Russian representatives of this family are found only two types: northern fur seals and sea lions.fur seal

Weight, size and life expectancy

northern fur seal, also known as a cleaver, a rather large group of animals pinnipeds, which include walruses and seals, and true.The length of the male can be up to two meters, and weight - 250 kilograms.Females are much smaller in size as the male body, and weight.The average body length of females is 130 cm at a weight of 40-50 kg, maximum - 70. The average life expectancy bulls were large males can live up to 17 years, females - more than 25.

body of the animal and the development of

Like allRepresentatives of the group of pinnipeds, seal has a strong broad chest and spindly body, devoid of any protrusions that could hinder navigation.Fur

seal has a small muzzle, the male's mane on his head there.Horny film protects the big eyes of the animal.They have a very good vision and hearing, though small ears fur seal is almost invisible.While diving into the water pinna animal closes, causing the water can not get inside.At sea lions are well developed cartilaginous end of the fingers.The front flippers are present subtle claws.The main difference from the real fur seal seals and walruses is the presence of ears, his front flippers are large enough, and the back are in the deployed position.

Northern fur seal

area of ​​distribution

Fur seal is found mainly in the coastal waters of Japan, part of the Okhotsk Sea.In addition, the Pacific coast of North America and is home to sea lions.Due to the seasonal long-distance migrations of the animal changes the resettlement area throughout the year.


fur seals (the photo - in the article) is a predatory animal.The basis of its power supply are various kinds of marine organisms, namely crustaceans, molluscs and fish.Every day northern fur seal eats food, is about seven percent of his body weight.


Fur Seal - Photo fur seals breeding period is characterized by the establishment of coastal rookeries, where they emphasize two areas, one of which is arranged to seal females and infants (family section), and the other - the males, which do not participate in reproduction (bachelorsection).Each chopper protect their territory against intruders, often occur between fur seals fighting over the ownership of the female, which is often killed by males.Navy SEALs are herd animals, and during the breeding season the males form a so-called harems, whose composition may include up to 50 females.After one or two days after the females come ashore young bulls weighing about three kilograms and the rise of half a meter.