The national income of the country - the creation and consumption

structure of national income

level of economic development and welfare of the population living on its territory, reflects the system performance.Among them are the national income is a major.It is calculated in monetary terms.The value of this index is the sum of the salary of the working population, industrial and commercial profits, ground rent and interest on capital.If the miller working at the plant and receives a salary, it is considered part of the national income.Similarly, as the dividends on shares which it can hold.Profits derived by the also counted in the total.

National income Features calculate

should be noted that in the planned economy, which operated in the Soviet Union, the system of calculation of basic macroeconomic indicators is fundamentally different from that in other countries.The country has long been a product that was not considered a commodity and distributed in advance of a plan, not getting to the market.Naturally, the national income calculated by special formulas, which ar

e not suitable for use in market relations.Due to different methods of calculation is often produced different results, compare that does not make sense.

national income

Net national income

Currently investors before investing their money in the economy of a country, are interested in what way it creates the national income.In recent decades, the main components of the income generated from the sale of Russian natural resources, as for example in China - from the production of computers and other equipment.The maximum value of this indicator shows the US economy.It is important to emphasize that indicators such as net national income characterizes the efficiency of the productive sector of the economy.And there is also the primacy of the Americans.

distribution of income received

national wealth

entire system cost efficiency ultimately created to evaluate the quality of life of citizens in a country.National wealth owned company spent on ensuring a certain quality of life.Practice shows that in industrialized countries, people live in more comfortable conditions than in underdeveloped.The wealth of the country is made up of natural resources and other opportunities for industrial and agricultural production.In turn, all goods and services produced are sent to market for current consumption.

How to ensure the welfare of

National wealth

no secret that to ensure the continued sustainable growth of welfare is necessary to the national income grew and grew in volume.The subtlety of the situation is that the country needs to ensure not only the current consumption, but also the conditions for the maintenance and development of productive capacities.For a long time the natural resources - oil, timber, minerals - simply sold and is called up for food.In recent years, the government conducts a more sensible policy to restore its own production and processing of raw materials on their territory.Thanks to these measures the standard of living of citizens of Russia is gradually increased.