Fatal women - who are they?

Every woman wants to look good.Catch yourself admiring glances and receive compliments.How many different words used by men to make a lady a compliment.They talk about the inner and outer beauty, resort to various comparisons.One of the descriptions of the phrase "femme fatale."Each of us perceives this statement on his own.Some consider it as a compliment, but someone - a shameful label hinged society.But, as in all, this concept has its specific value.So who are they - fatal women?

femmes fatales term history

La femme fatale or femme fatale - is the image that came to us from literature and cinema.Sexy, confident, manipulative men.No one can resist its charms.It also gives the main character love, leading to his death.It is an integral part of the film noir, as obligatory as the investigating detective.In many motion pictures we have successfully used this way.How often do they appear femmes fatales.How many girls dream to be like them.Through the media, the notion of "femme fatale".Photos ladies who personifi

ed that image, dazzled on the covers of magazines and newspapers.But it is not always fatal for the way a woman lies predator ready to pounce on the victim and to tear it to shreds.Often in movies this image hides a vulnerable soul, became the victim of a cunning and prudent men than the protagonist, fascinated by it.

femme fatale photo modern femme fatale

In today's world, a typical image of the femme fatale in its original form looks out of place.Now it is not fashionable to wear bright make-up day.Recognised vulgar too revealing outfits.And the manifestation of bad taste - open manipulation.Like everything in the world, the image of the femme fatale has undergone its changes.Of course, the characteristics remained.In order to be a femme fatale, you need to be very self-confident.To be able to charm people, to radiate a genuine charm.To understand their psychology and feel vulnerable, weak points in each and all together.Do not allow yourself to be lazy and relax.Have a remarkable skills of a manager and a manipulator.Look good under any circumstances.

femme fatale is Appearance fatal ladies

Beautiful hairstyle.Most often it is loose, long hair neatly stacked.Bright make-up, their inherent in the forties, was replaced by a more restrained but no less expressive and prominent.The correct wardrobe.Clothes have to emphasize the dignity of the figure of its owner and, if necessary, hide the shortcomings.It should look sexy and attractive.The image must not be vulgar and repulsive.High heels and bright colors - that's what I would give preference to a femme fatale.

How to be

Each of us seeks the soul to the image of the femme fatale.No, of course, no one wants to cause the death of men.But each of us dreamed once about as powerful and all-consuming love, like the heroine of the film.Fatal women possess qualities so desired by everyone, in one degree or another.What does this mean for you?If you fall under the description of the "femme fatale", and it is not connected with the death of the beloved, you can be proud of such a beautiful title.You lifelong dream of any knight.