Fair and honest emerald.

emerald stone properties One of the varieties of beryl is emerald.The properties of stone were known to our ancestors many centuries ago.In Russia believed that it brings hope, wisdom and composure, the Greeks called it "stone shine."Many believed that gazing at the emerald will help to cope with sadness and insomnia, to protect against nightmares, wake animation and strength.To force the stone was more powerful, it is recommended to wear on his little finger.

Value mineral

Of all the varieties of beryl is the most valuable emerald.The properties of the stone makes it a cherished dream of many fashionistas, because it not only very beautiful but also has a strong defense.Mineral cost can be put on a level with ruby ​​or diamond.The most expensive gems are rich green color, they are without a single defect.These beauties weighing 5-6 carats afford not everyone buy them can afford only wealthy people.Most minerals have a lot of flaws or pale color, so they are not so expensive, and they can buy almost everyone.

emerald stone properties Medicinal properties

normalize blood pressure, cure stomach ailments, suppress joint, headaches - all under the power of such minerals as emerald.Stone antibacterial properties, so it can cure inflammation of the bladder.To do this you need to put in a glass of mineral water boiled, and then drink the liquid.Our ancestors treated emeralds eyesore, night blindness, epilepsy.Owner ornaments are not afraid of fatigue and irrational fears, sleep will be calm and healthy.

magical properties

bad habits - that's what primarily fights emerald.The properties of the stone aimed at eradicating deceitfulness scam changed.Kind and honest man mineral brings happiness and luck in business.On the evil and vile people he is able to send down misfortune, so this decoration is not for everyone.Stone can be cleaned aura repel negative energy, it protects the family hearth, so retains agreement and understanding between spouses contributes to the appearance of the heirs.

Emerald Properties Supernatural abilities mineral

Psychics also very often used in his practice emerald - a stone whose properties allow more clearly receive signals from the universe, correctly decipher the message, get in touch with the souls of dead people.If you wear the emerald for several months, it is possible to completely eradicate the bad qualities of character, to get rid of aggression and brutality, because they do not love stone.Jewel gets too sensitive and nervous people, because it helps detect fraud and avoid stressful situations.Mineral suited Libra, Aquarius and the Lions, is contraindicated in Capricorn, Pisces and Scorpio.

Amulets and charms of stone

Travelers, explorers and nursing mothers protects emerald.Mineral properties are also intended to protect girls and boys from the perverse inclinations and bad relationships.This amulet will protect from the evil eye, attract luck and success, give inspiration.Owning a stone can not lie, because he does not like liars and severely punish them.Man with pure thoughts and kind heart emerald protects against all negative.