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letter of recommendation It does not matter whether you finish high school or already have twenty years of experience, whether you want to move up the career ladder, or completely change the profession.In any case, you need to clearly define to what exactly you want to achieve in life.The case brings not only a livelihood, but also the joy of self-realization.But to ensure that the find was "his" employment, you must prepare.Including stock up documents such as a letter of recommendation, resume, portfolio.And it does not matter whether you are employed in the office, warehouse or leave float freely and work freelance.Properly composed and positive letter of recommendation is useful in any situation.For a summary, in chronological order, make a list of all significant projects implemented with your participation.Invent nothing, but to present in a favorable light need all your knowledge and skills.Remember that the summary should not exceed 1.5-2 pages and contain only the most important informa

tion about you that can attract an employer.Same with the portfolio: do not overload it with information, select 15-20 projects (designs, logos, sites - is not so important) that you were able to implement the best ideas.

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smart client or employer is well aware how important it is a letter of recommendation for an employee or artist.And sometimes (albeit rarely) he can offer to write it.Most often, however, we have to ask and remind.And here it is important to the ability to establish a constructive dialogue.So on the one hand, the letter of the employee - is a recognition of his merits and virtues.And on the other - indirect transfer of its competitors.Most often, in fact a letter of recommendation for an employee is required when applying for a new position or to another company.And this turn of affairs the employer is not always happy, so he and the internal conflict there.Give a positive reference letter - for it would be like to provide arms to competitors.It should be emphasized in a conversation with a former client or employer that you value the cooperation with them and do not intend to cross the road to its interests.What are you grateful for the opportunity to develop professionally under his belt.And giving you a letter of recommendation, he is working on its reputation too.After all, every company its specialists - is its pride.It is much more advantageous will look employer who employs a professional, gave him the opportunity to develop, and then was able to appreciate, to write a good letter of recommendation.

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Before you ask for references, be sure to try to talk to the employer.It is unlikely that he would resign if the focus on the good things you have with him.You can offer an exchange, because clients and employers also need positive feedback.This is particularly evident in the service sector and freelancing.It just seems that employers are beyond criticism.In fact, if the relationship does not develop, the community quickly enough to know.Therefore, the entrepreneur is interested in positive feedback.Another argument in favor of the recommendation letter will not damage his business may be changing professional and career orientations of the former employee.For example, if an employer learns that you go to the competitors in the industry, in a response he might refuse.But if you explain that you want to change occupation or segment of the market, it is more likely to go to meet you.