Intestinal preparation "Vikair": instructions for use

Description pharmacological properties of the drug

Vikair instructions for use drug "Vikair" instructions for use defines as a combination product with intestinal astringent and antiseptic properties.This medicine has antispasmodic, antacid and mild laxative effect.After oral administration, the active substances contained in the tablets "Vikair" (instructions for use which is included), reduce the activity of pepsin, reduce gastric acidity and form a protective film on the surface of the mucosa of the stomach.As a result, this drug also has a marked restorative and anti-inflammatory effects.

and release form of the drug "Vikair»

produced medicine "Vikair" instruction to which it confirms, in the form of spigot pink or mauve tablets with small patches of dark and white, with Valium and beveled.The composition of one capsule acting as active components included 0.4 grams of magnesium carbonate, 0.35 grams of bismuth nitrate, 0.2 g of sodium hydrogen carbonate, 0.025 grams of buckthorn bark powder and 0,025 grams calamus

rhizomes.The main accessory ingredients are stearic acid, potato starch and talc.

Tablets Vikair

list of indications for use of the drug "Vikair»

use the drug "Vikair" instructions for use recommended in the complex therapy of patients with gastric ulcer, gastritis giperatsidnyh and duodenal ulcer.Functional dyspepsia is also an indication for this combination drug.

Features of the application and the dosage

take the drug "Vikair" User Application Tips orally three times a day, strictly one or two tablets.Doing so desired after one-half hour after ingestion, drinking a glass of warm water preparation.In the event that there is no possibility to take tablets whole, they should be crushed or dissolved in a small volume of liquid.The average course of treatment is one to two months.Re-treatment is possible only after prior consultation with the doctor.

Vikair User

list of contraindications to the use of the drug "Vikair»

Tablets "Vikair" contraindicated to receive persons with increased individual sensitivity to the active and auxiliary components of the drug, as well as patients suffering from hypoacid gastritis, and chronic inflammatory processes of gallbladder and bowel, intestinal and stomach bleeding, acute febrile states.Distinct abnormalities in the kidneys and pregnancy are also reasons for cancellation of the drug.During the period of breast-feeding should be discontinued pills "Vikair."

overdose and adverse reactions

have a certain number of patients given the drug may cause more frequent stools, vomiting, nausea, pigmentation on the tongue, swelling of the gums as well as hemoglobinemia, headache, swelling of the eyelids and other allergic reactions.All these symptoms are completely normal after reducing the dosage or stop taking the tablets complete "Vikair."