Constipation: Treatment of disease with all sorts of methods

Many people are faced with the phenomenon of a sensitive nature, as constipation.Its treatment can be carried out in various ways.Sometimes experiments lead to the not too favorable consequences, so you should choose a personal technique, perfect for your body.About constipation can say when a person systematically marked constipation for more than two days.

Constipation: Treatment, Causes and Symptoms

constipation treatment

Arise this disease can be due to multiple reasons, ranging from malnutrition and ending with disruption of the endocrine system or the digestive tract.In fact, any disease can affect intestinal function similarly.Also among the causes is attributed the violation of water balance at lack of fluid in the body, after a day a person should drink at least two liters of still water.If you notice the presence of three factors at the same time (a small amount of stool consistency it is dry and hard, hurts the feeling of incomplete emptying), then it is possible to diagnose constipation.Treatment should

begin immediately so as not to contribute to the contamination of the body with harmful substances.Subsequently, there is a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, it increases in size, significantly decreased appetite, possible nasty breath.If constipation occurs regularly, gradually comes intoxication, there is a general weakness, apathy, insomnia, frequent headaches and depression cases.

drugs for the treatment of constipation

Constipation: Treatment of drug

Upon detection of the first signs you should immediately contact a doctor.Only a qualified doctor can accurately determine the cause of the illness and prescribe quality and safe treatment.Of course, the specialist prescribes drugs to treat constipation, but first of all you need to revise your own diet.We'll have to increase the consumption of those products that will enhance the intestinal peristalsis, such as fruits and vegetables fresh, bran bread.Bran and flax seeds all have unique properties and beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, so they can be added to salads and other ready-made main dishes.It is necessary to renounce the use of cereals such as rice and semolina, as well as the strong black tea and cocoa.Do not lean on red wine, it is better to replace it with a white or light liquor.Once a week, you can resort to Radik cially in the form of a process-based enema decoction.

constipation traditional treatments

Constipation: traditional treatments

When you do not want to use aggressive techniques, you can speed up the metabolism by means of alternative medicine.For example, an empty stomach can drink a spoonful of olive, castor and linseed oil.Vegetable fat gentle on the intestinal wall, but at the same time facilitates the advancement of feces.Also, the positive effect of herbal teas are famous, particularly the Seine grass, nettles or cumin.To enhance the action should be combined treatment program with exercise.An active lifestyle helps to speed up all the processes in the body.