When celebrating the Day of Miner

Just want to mention a very remarkable fact - never profession miner chooses the weak and cowardly people.He's just this thing will not do.Therefore, we can only admire the courage of these people, their courage, and so loyal attitude towards their profession.After all, if a miner began working in this area, then it is often associated with it until the end of his life.

Who are the miners?

This specialty involves the work of a man at a great depth (about 800 m to 4 km) underground.Therefore Miner miner - one of the most extreme professions nowadays.What are they doing?Mined ores of various metals or carbon.By the way, thanks to the miners, most people on our planet every day is carried out in warm homes.Once extracted the particular metal, it rises upward by means of special devices.What is the danger of this lesson?The thing is that often occur in the mines of various accidents, and miners at risk to die or be bombarded with stones to death.Therefore, the work of these great men must be respected.

To become a miner, it is necessary, first, to have excellent physical health, not to be afraid of closed spaces, and secondly, to get a proper education.The state, in order to attract the male population in this work, to appoint more wages, as well as many benefits and early retirement.Since the profession of miner involves monotonous and very complex work, the person must also be psychologically stable and mentally healthy.

history of mining in the world and in Russia

This craft came back in the XV century, when people have just begun to realize that out of the ground, you can get something, and its wide distribution is received in the XVIII century, whileand there is the profession of the miner.Then Miner built and opened the first companies engaged in the extraction of minerals.The Russian mining began to develop at about the same time as the rest of the world.Rules it while Grand Duke of Moscow, Ivan III.Due to the fact that by the end of XIX century in Russia is actively developing industries such as metallurgy, water and rail transport, it is at this time the profession of miner becomes the most important.At the end of XX century in the country there is an economic crisis, and to prevent the ruin of the entire coal industry of Russia (because of what it considered at the time one of the most prosperous countries) Presidential Decree of 30.12.1992, it was decided to produce its restructuring.Thus, the number of enterprises and mines reduced, but increased their funding, were stipulated in detail the issues of security, the environment and increase the attractiveness of the profession.

history holiday

official celebration of the Miner's Day takes place each year on a different date, but at the same day of the month - the last Sunday in August.day of a miner It was formally established by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR № 3018-X dated 10.01.1980, "On holidays and memorial days".The first time the festival was marked by the Miner's Day 29.08.1948 The preparations for it was in full swing since the beginning of the year.All employees of the coal industry have been at this point to achieve high results, to improve their living conditions.Also, great attention was paid to the issues of labor discipline, the construction of new mines and the reconstruction of existing mining sites.Just that day were noted and awarded the best workers.

traditions of celebration

is important to know that this holiday was one of the first adopted at the state level, so it has been carrying out some foundations.For example, this day decided to remember with honor pioneers in this difficult work - employees of the Pechora coal basin.On this day, the miners across the country are taking numerous congratulations from their colleagues, friends and relatives.Also, they are joined by government officials and celebrities.

Miner's Day in Russia

Remember, when the country celebrates the Day of Miner.celebration Miner number every year is different, but the day of the month is the same - the last Sunday in August.For example, in 2014, Miner's Day holiday celebrated on August 31.In recent years, coal production in the country is on the same level, but in the next decade, it is planned to increase as a result of a sharp decline in oil production and growing energy needs.It is important to Miner's Day is considered particularly in the cities, which are basically due to the work in the mines.It Novokuznetsk, Karaganda, mines and many others.

According to this day in Ukraine

Many people wonder, when will the Ukraine celebrate Miner's Day.What date are honored these courageous people?I would like to say that this date coincides with the same holiday in Russia.This celebration was approved by Presidential Decree № 304/93 from 08.16.1993 Therefore, the Miner's Day in Ukraine in 2014 and was celebrated on August 31.The first organizer of labor discipline in the coal industry was the leading article Alexei Stakhanov.Day of Miner It is through him and got new equipment to increase productivity in the heavy industry.It should be noted that due to the difficult conditions of coal mines in Ukraine are considered the most dangerous.Also, many of them are very old and periodically emit mine methane and coal dust.Despite the riskiness of the work in such places, the miners still go to work, because the data space mining brings huge profits.One of these mines is a mountainous area Zasyadko.Along with its extreme danger, it is one of the most profitable.What the Miner's Day no matter the number, there are cities in Ukraine (Shahtersk, Stakhanov), for which this holiday will always be special, because their whole life is connected with this profession.

Celebrating the miner and the importance of the profession

Usually on this day in cities are engaged in coal mining, and across the country are mass entertainment events, concerts, honoring the best of the miners.Miner Also Miner's Day, how many Whatever he celebrated, and be sure to remember the tragic moments and those who did not return from the bottom (where coal is mined) in connection with the accident at the mine.Of course, this work is dangerous fall, so recently it is the least attractive.And the prospects of the profession miner can easily be reduced to zero, as the riskiness exceeds all acceptable norms.But if the desire to connect his life with mining still there, you have to complete the relevant institution, which, along with the main subject of close attention to issues of health and safety.