Cheesecakes of cottage cheese - the joy of children

you did not like cottage cheese and is used simply because it is good for your health?Solution found!Let me present to you the curd cheese cakes.Perhaps this is familiar to many a dish that turns out very tasty, and sometimes do not even feel the presence of cheese.It is necessary to pay tribute to the women of the house that can cook curd so that the person eating them, not even guessed that used as the main ingredient.Many will say that fried cheese - it's not such a useful product for the body, as it loses its properties as a result of thermal processing.But note that this can only tell people never face the fact that such cheesecakes cooking cottage cheese.After all, they need to fry just until a small crust, therefore, the bulk retains all its properties.

curd cheese pancakes Create delicacy

In order to prepare this delicious dessert, and very useful, you need to take the following ingredients: 3 tablespoons of sour cream, 5 tablespoons of flour, one egg, a small amount of yogurt, half a teaspoon of baking soda

and some vegetable oil in order to lubricate the pan.

process of creating

curd cheese pancakes Cheesecakes of cottage cheese begin to cook with the preparation of the basic component.To get a soft and lush cakes, you should wipe the curd through a fine sieve.Thus, you remove all lumps and turns it into a homogeneous mass, which will be evenly roast thoroughly.But it is not necessary to wipe a matter of taste.Mix the cottage cheese, flour, sour cream and soda.The resulting dough adding quicklime and soda break an egg.Add a little salt and a little more sugar to our cottage cheese cheesecake looked like a real dessert.Next, stir the mass, so that it becomes completely homogeneous.Too long kneading is not necessary, otherwise the dough will start to fall apart in your hands as a result, you can not form a curd.Cheesecakes spread on a hot frying pan or a sheet of oven (as you prefer).If you take the latter option, then the pan coated with oil, so that our products are not burnt, and put in the hot oven.The exact baking time there, so you should constantly monitor the process of making cheesecakes.Once you see that they are golden crust is formed, wait another five to seven minutes, and turn off the oven.To come a little cheesecakes, we leave them there for another 5 minutes.You can bring to the table.It is recommended to use only hot.

cheesecakes cooking cottage cheese recommendations

Cheesecakes of cottage cheese will be the best solution, in order to teach a child to this product.Firstly, in that it is virtually dessert felt.And secondly, you can resort to some tricks to further hide the presence of the child of the hated cottage cheese.Since cheesecakes can be used with almost all sweet, it is recommended to use chocolate.You can grate it on a coarse grater, cut into pieces, or pour on top of the product melted sweetness.This "move" mask the curd and your baby right away and does not understand what it eats it.