River trout: a few recipes of fish dishes

River trout - fish lean and very tender.In contrast to the lake, it has a white flesh with an iridescent sheen.The only drawback of this fish - it is very perishable.Use only fresh produce from the last catch, without any extraneous odors.Preparing the fish quickly and even a beginner cook always get excellent results.Since frolicking in the river trout are much less his Zaprudnov fattened sisters need to take it at the rate of "one fish per person."

River trout River trout baked in foil

In this recipe it is not necessary to clean the trout.It should only remove its gills, gut the insides, carefully rinse.Inside and outside the carcass rub salt and spices to the fish.Next, pour generously trout with lemon juice and leave to marinate well for 20 minutes or even half an hour.During this time, we shall cut small tomatoes (per 1 piece fish), pepper (1/4 pcs.), Onion (1/4).Dill and parsley finely chop.We reserve a little for sprinkling, and the bulk mix with vegetables.This stuffed trout farshiruem abdomen.E

ach carcass preparing wrapper foil length somewhere in centimeters 30. A layer of aluminum lubricating oil, it spread 4 slices of lemon, and on them - the fish.Sprinkle with herbs and wrap.Aluminium bags spread on a baking sheet, and its correspondingly pushed into the oven.Bake at 180 ⁰S half an hour.Five minutes before the end of the term, we expand the foil to form a crispy crust.

River trout in the oven River trout in the oven

Rybka that can be prepared without foil, and that it does not dry up, it needs to hide a creamy sauce.Carcasses farshiruem, as in the previous recipe.For the filling fell out during baking, the fastening edge of the abdominal incision toothpicks.Make cuts on the sides and to push back the lemon slices.Baking rub with oil, spread on a fish, pour the cream or sour cream.Bake it the same way: at 180 ⁰S half an hour.

River trout on the grill

eviscerated carcass, washed, were dried with a towel.Black pepper and rub with salt inside and out.Two lemons parboiled and cut into thin slices.This is no easy task - take a sharp knife.Large bunch of dill finely chop.Connect the green and lemon and the mixture farshiruem fish.We spread it on the grill, sheltering several circles of lemon and sprinkle with remaining herbs.Even sprinkled with olive oil and bake in the grill 25 minutes, turning occasionally grating.To make this dish turned out to Italian style, enough to replace the fennel mixture of rosemary and thyme.River trout baked in foil

Baked trout "gentle fun»

Please do stuffing.Sechem onion strips and fry in refined oil.200 grams of mushrooms also sechem and put the bow into the pan.When the mushrooms are slightly browned, add another 200 grams of canned or frozen green beans and fill all half cup cream 20% fat.Wait until the liquid has evaporated a little.River trout easily gives his scales.We have it clean, disemboweled, and my stuffed with onion and mushroom stuffing.Salt and pepper, and even outside.We spread on the grill or on a greased baking sheet and bake at 180 ⁰S 35-45 minutes.