How to make a brick barbecue with his own hands.

stationary brick BBQ has not yet become a symbol of suburban area.Many people think it is easy to get along without it, suggesting to themselves and others that it takes too expensive and scarce land suitable for growing vegetables and barbeque cook not too often.These statements are incorrect.

Stone BBQ

hand made brick BBQ for the summer - this is the place, which eventually will become a center of communication in your family and friends come to visit.Gradually, the area around it will be more comfortable and functional.You will not be able to do without this facility.Build a brick barbecue with his own hands is not as difficult and expensive as it seems.

Mangala, located in suburban areas, different shape, location, size.They are sometimes built in the backyard where no one sees, or occupy a central place in the recreation area, decorating it with its original design and decoration.The design of the barbecue depends on the imagination and skills of the owner of the infield.The choice is always the maste


Made by all the rules, brick grill allows you to cook not only kebabs and barbecue, and many other dishes.It is worth noting that the food is made on an open fire, good taste is always different and very healthy.

Construction brazier require the owner of the site preparation.Much will depend on the chosen place, how equipped the surrounding area.It is necessary to count the number of the desired material, purchase and prepare all the necessary tools, and only then start building.It will take time, and most importantly - a great desire.

What are barbecues

There are different types of designs.They are divided into portable and fixed, which will be discussed in this article.

Barbecues can be made from different materials.The most popular are made of metal, stone and brick.

Brick BBQ with their hands.

Owners gardens often do combined barbecues which have not only basic but also additional features.They can be used as a smokehouse and barbecue.

The article will be considered by the construction of a stationary brazier brick.

plus a constant structure

brick BBQ has a number of advantages:

  1. plays the role of decorating the house building element.It effectively looks at the background of nature.

  2. It is possible to cook at any time.Lack of electricity - not a hindrance.

What materials are needed for the construction

Before you begin to build a brick barbecue with his own hands, to choose and buy some materials to prepare the tools.Work on the brazier is divided into two stages:

  1. Creating a foundation.

  2. construction of the structure itself brazier.

Tools for working in the first stage

to create the base will need the following tools and building materials:

  1. bayonet spade. Design brazier heavy, so make the foundation solid, then the barbecue will stand firmly on it.A shovel dug a pit for laying foundation.

  2. boards , of them will be built formwork.

  3. cement and sand. solution created from these components, go to fill the foundation design.

  4. Metal mesh for reinforcement of ground.

Materials and tools for the construction of a brazier in the second stage

for the barbecue facilities require the following construction materials and tools:

  1. refractory bricks (of it will be based roaster).

  2. Trowel (with it is made of brick masonry).

  3. Hydrated lime, cement, water, sand - components of the solution, which is held together by a brick.

  4. plumb, level control for the construction of a brazier.

  5. Corners metallic fittings for arrangement of the furnace and a brazier.

Selecting a location Before you decide on the site to house the grill, set the main direction of the wind.Brazier should be placed downwind.Then the smoke will not interfere with invited friends and those who prepare food.

Brick BBQ with Kazan.

plot, where there will be a brick BBQ should be flat, located near the water source.Then you will be able to equip a functional kitchenette.Ideal looks roaster, located inside the gazebo or awning fitted attractive.This will allow you to gather with friends and household in any weather.


Before starting construction of a brazier, make a simple drawing, then you will be much easier to build a brick barbecue with his own hands.Usually, it is a complex that includes a sink, countertop space for firewood, bar and more, allowing the design properly perform its many functions.A simple scheme of brick brazier shown in the photograph above.

Building a base

The brick barbecue for the summer.

Creating foundation consists of a series of consecutive work:

  1. shovel dug a hole, the size of which correspond to the future foundation brazier.

  2. going shuttering of boards.

  3. A mixture.It consists of one part cement, three - sand.These components are diluted with pure water.

  4. done reinforcement base.At the bottom of the pit is placed a metal mesh and filled with cement mortar to a depth of one-third of the base, then fit another mesh and filled with the solution.This work is repeated once again given time to dry the basement.This typically takes two weeks.

Construction brazier

Once the base is completely dry, you need to begin the second phase of the work - to build a brick barbecue with his own hands.

Brick barbecue kaptilni.

process looks like this:

  1. One day before the start of work to survive in the water bricks, then they will not absorb water from the solution and bonding them together - it will make the design more robust broiler.

  2. Before laying the bricks to mark the foundation.

  3. prepared clay-sand mortar.You can buy in specialized stores clay-fireclay mix.It has heat-resistant properties, and for its preparation you just need to add water, comparing their actions with the instructions, and then start laying bricks.

  4. Installation bricks is over the pre-marked lines.Starting with masonry corners, gradually move to the middle.Each new row is placed with a shift of half a brick.Check that the mixture completely fills the joints between the bricks.

  5. Control masonry necessary every three rows.This is done by means of a plumb and level.

  6. After 3 rows of reinforced masonry reinforcing mesh.This makes the design of the barbecue stronger.

  7. Where will be the firebox and brazier are mounted into the masonry corners of metal.They can then be put grid for a barbecue.

  8. After creating the foundation laid brazier and firebox while between the bricks should be left slot.This will improve the entry of air inside the structure and thus burning.

  9. brick barbecues and barbecue have to be equipped with pipes and smoke box.

  10. Ready BBQ should be finished with plaster or other material.

Brick and barbecue grills.

How to cook risotto on the grill

lovers pilaf and other dishes prepared in a large capacity, suitable brick BBQ with Kazan.The process of its construction is similar to the above.The only difference is that it is necessary to mount on top of the hearth cast-iron plate with a hole for installation of the cauldron (the diameter is always the choice of the host).


Brick barbecue smokehouse built on the same principle as ordinary brazier.The main thing - not to violate all the above recommendations.Experts advise: when the construction work is not necessary to be guided only fantasies that have come to mind.Take care of them before finishing.

Finish brazier

How to make a house more appealing BBQ?Of course, the need to make the finishing work.When you are building a brazier ourselves is a big plus.After all, you have a great opportunity to show imagination and realize the most daring ideas.

Finishing is the final stage of construction of the barbecue.It is almost as important as the building itself brazier.High-grade finishing give the final form of the structure.What it will be depends entirely on you.

For exterior trim Mangala suit many options.You can use natural stone and pebbles.In specialty stores a wide assortment of different materials.

the area around the barbecue can be laid paving tiles of different colors.This will give the place an attractive and elegant look.

For the construction of countertops manufacturers offer a variety of different materials.Excellent will look porcelain stoneware characterized by its durability, which is very important to give.

Driving brick barbecue.

If your project are planned various niches for storage of kitchen utensils and tools, they can be equipped with cast iron or wrought iron doors.It looks very nice.If a family on a tight budget, you can make a simple wooden door, decorated with various patterns.


Today stationary brick barbecue for the summer are not very popular among ordinary Russians.It is believed that they are accompanied by an impressive construction spending.But if you will build yourself, you will see that this is not true.Complementing barbecue gazebo in the garden, you will receive a place where your whole family will gather quiet summer evenings, enjoying meat delicacies prepared in a brick grill, created by your hands.