Crab salad - classic style

Every person should know that eating a delicious crab salad, classic or not - does not matter, it will not only enjoy the natural taste of the crab, but also gets in the treasury of the body iodine, zinc, and even with a half-page beautifully sounding chemical terms.And do not get fat from it!However, this dish is usually prepared from crab sticks, crab to which as such have nothing to do.crab salad Classic

ingredients to cook crab salad classic

Some still buy for now crabmeat salad.So you call for it.In addition, we need a crab, quail eggs, long grain rice, cucumbers and, of course, mayonnaise.Salt and pepper to taste usually take.This salad is so good that it even decorate roses of salmon fish and / or red caviar.Figure necessary to boil in salted water until cooked, cool and mix with beautifully sliced ​​cucumbers, quartered quail eggs and crab meat.Now it is necessary to add salt and pepper, then pour the mayonnaise.

Ingredients for a salad of crab sticks

crab classic recipe

with crab sticks everything easier.It is n

ecessary to grate the cheese type of Dutch, on the same grater and exactly the same chop the crab sticks, apples, cut into cubes, salt the and mayonnaise.

Neoclassicism in cooking

Very often conventional recipes are born not so long ago.Crab salad is unthinkable without the classic green onions, for example.But fifty years ago, even I thought this would not appear!Seasoned crabs are now also much richer - even Cajun!Before and black pepper are not always used to not stop feeling the aroma of the sea.But how beautiful crab with greenery and fragrant spices!Below is a neoclassical two such prescription.

Crab Salad.Classic, but not very

will take packaging crabmeat, two stalks of celery, two - green onions, mayonnaise, cream cheese, 1 ch. L.seasoning, consisting of equal parts coriander, cumin, white pepper, paprika, oregano, garlic and thyme (Cajun).

How do

Mix cream cheese, mayonnaise and all the spices until smooth.This sauce.Crab meat cut into slices, mix with chopped celery and green onions, top with sauce.Ready your crab salad - the classic version.Bon Appetit!

delicious salad of crab sticks

delicious salad of crab sticks

will be needed crab sticks, five eggs, Bank of corn, tomato, two hundred grams of hard cheese, mayonnaise, garlic.

How to do it?

Finely chop eggs and crab sticks, cheese rub on a coarse grater, mix it all, add the corn, tomatoes cut into slices, grind knife garlic, mayonnaise and stir again.Everything is ready!

crab salad classic recipe from San Francisco

minutely will take tablespoon chopped cilantro, two ch. L.fresh lime juice, a pinch of lime zest, seasoning for seafood, pinch of salt, ch. l.tequila, blue crab meat, freed from the shells, a little green onion, two very ripe banana, vegetable oil for frying them.


Stir cilantro and lime juice and zest of the fruit, spice, salt, crab meat, green onions mixed separately.Salad splash of tequila.Now, add the lime and cilantro.Leave to marinate.Meanwhile, put on fire the heavy frying pan, heat the oil and fry the banana slices until browned.Transfer them to a paper towel to dry.Then lay on a plate layer of bananas, place them on the salad.Serve immediately.Bon Appetit!