Pineapple: how to grow a home?

like to eat pineapple?Why not try to grow from the top of the fruit original houseplant?The care is undemanding, looks interesting, perhaps, will bloom - it's all you can say about the pineapple.How to grow a plant from the top?

Selecting and preparing the fruit to perpetuate

How to grow a pineapple not from the top can grow any indoor plant.Pay attention to the leaves even when buying the fruit - they must be fresh and green.If the leaves have dried, rooting is unlikely to happen.Much easier to grow pineapple at home in the warm season, when indoor warm temperature stable.We must cut off the tip of capturing part of the flesh, about 0.5-1 cm. Be sure to dry the stalks before planting, otherwise it rots.To do this, hang it vertically and leave for a couple of weeks.It is advisable to place it in a dark place away from heat sources.

Pineapple: how to grow from cuttings?

Planting pineapples

required for landing a small pot - no more than 0.6 liters in volume.At the bottom it is sure to put drainage, then - the ground for tropical pla

nts.In the center, prepare a hole for the top, which is slightly superior to its diameter.Powdered charcoal powder foundation or a special mixture to form roots.The base of the leaves should be slightly covered with earth.Watering is recommended not ordinary water, but with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.For successful rooting need to build a greenhouse.Simply install the supports at the edges of the pot and pull the plastic wrap or bag.Such a makeshift greenhouse, it is desirable not to remove the top to the full establishment - ie,about two weeks.

When the tip to take root ...

Grow Pineapple House main sign of rooting - the emergence of new leaves.Featured plant health should not be allowed lowering the room temperature up to 18 degrees.Like any other tropical plants, pineapple needs a light.In the winter months it is required to illuminate the fluorescent lamp.Watering is necessary to use warm water - about 30 degrees, only if such care feels comfortable pineapple.How to grow a fruit-bearing plant?It blooms only adult specimens - about the fourth or fifth year of his life.Immediately after rooting pineapple need not only regular watering, but also spraying, preferably once a day.As you can see, planting pineapples not as complex as caring for them.Mandatory is also dressing in summer (the period of active growth) - once every two weeks, in spring and autumn - once a month.The best option would be complex mineral fertilizer or a special composition for tropical plants.Regular transplants are also needed to ensure that the plant grow and develop properly.Most likely, even mature plants will be enough 3-4-liter pots.

Conclusion Now that you know that he loves pineapple, how to grow it from the top.It's time to go to the store and choose a suitable fruit.However, be prepared for the fact that even with good care to wait until the fruits are suitable for use in food, you do not get.But what an interesting botanical experiment!