Gift boxes with their own hands

Sometimes, even if the gift is not notable for its high cost, but it is decorated with the soul, then get it doubly enjoyable.But did someone say that gift box should be store?After all, they can do on their own.How to make these boxes with their own hands, read on.

Why packaging?

To answer this question, remember how decorated gift candy on the shelves of supermarkets and flower bouquets.Bright, colorful and attractive.It is understandable.Eat simple candy from a plastic bag can be in just a day.And that's presented to the goodies in a pretty wrapper willy-nilly forced to experience the feeling of a holiday in the shower.

However, most of those invited to one or another important celebration did not think that the gift should be beautifully decorated, and make a splash.While many who have to take a present (whether newly made or newly married birthday) feel it is important that it is not just invested money in a certain amount, but also the care and attention of the invited guests.

Therefore, boxes, made with his own hands - is the perfect solution for any festive event.

Boxes of gifts with their own hands

pitch their not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.Many believe that only bought in a specialty store packaging looks nice, presentable and tasteful.However, they doubt their own abilities and creativity, allowing to come up and implement original ideas.Doing this is not necessary in any case.Output is always there.Simply select the option that most closely, and do not doubt that at the end of the article, you'll learn how to make boxes with his hands.The master class will help you with this.

Packaging Paper

It has many variants and is not costly to details that plus everything else, you can always find a home in the arsenal of housewives.

learning to literally create unpretentious specimens simplest form and design, you will easily be able to take on more complex compositions.So, a box of paper, made with his own hands, is done as follows (the simplest example).

  1. Print a sample patterned circuit, which is shown below and cut it out of colored paper the desired color.Boxes with their hands
  2. in places marked by dashed linyami required to make cuts.
  3. Collect box.
  4. tilting edge, which remained on top of the package, in the opposite direction, you will get a heart.
  5. Paint the inside of a different color to great effect.

packaging paper in the form of a flower

To work needed:

  1. Thick paper.
  2. medium length range.
  3. Comfortable scissors.
  4. any available object embossing (for example, you can use a pen in which the ink is out, or hook for knitting).
  5. tape bilaterial.
  6. printer.
  7. Decorative ribbon ties.

While the list may seem quite impressive, though of these subjects may get a charming and original boxes, made with his own hands (very important!).

So begin the process.

Stock up colored construction paper.

  1. Redraw appropriate gifts to the sheet size of the scheme, which is offered below (by the way, with his own hands a box of cardboard in this case had an excellent and exceed all your expectations).Box of paper with his own hands
  2. Draw as solid and dotted lines, painting over the edges and corners is similar to the scheme.
  3. dashed lines in the figure - a fold line.
  4. Bend almost finished box along these lines.

Another box of paper, made with his own hands, ready!

Cardboard packaging

Capsule, with his own hands made of cardboard, no different from previous versions, and increased complexity in the same way as packaging made of paper, has a lot of options for self-fulfillment.

One of the holidays, when the packaging plays a special role and creates an appropriate atmosphere - this is the New Year.We offer one of the options on this occasion.

  1. As in previous cases, cut the pattern diagram.Capsule with their hands out of cardboard
  2. preform impose on cardboard (preferably, if it is colored green, as a result of the box will look like a Christmas tree).Nevertheless, the suit and any other color is associated with the Christmas spirit.
  3. With thin but sharp object to push the dotted line on the cardboard and cut out the pattern on the workpiece by a continuous thick line of black.
  4. Bend future box on the fold lines, but do not bond the!
  5. Place in the center of the box gift.
  6. only after it will be at the right place, begin to glue the box.
  7. When all four sides align with each other together, tie it with a decorative ribbon, just as the seller in a candy store packs cake.

course, make such a miracle is possible not only on the eve of the New Year holidays, but also in any other auspicious day.To do this, we need only to choose the appropriate color and decor for the future of the box.

Felt box with his hands

scheme and step by step instructions of this non-standard package (due to the material used) is on.

  1. scheme should be printed, pre-increasing pattern to the desired size and cut with scissors.Do not be discouraged and do not lose heart at an early stage, if you are not in the personal possession of the printer.Draw the scheme "by hand" will not be absolutely no difficulty.Boxes of gifts with their own hands
  2. on pre-prepared piece of felt cut scheme and apply extreme care circle it on the fabric, no less carefully cut.
  3. Fold the ends of the felt exactly as shown in the pictures below.Capsule with their hands scheme
  4. Finally, slowly, with great care, make small incisions along the edges and fold the box completely.
  5. Insert ribbon in tone or any other, who felt more appropriate in a particular case.

Wedding bonbonniere

But the wedding boxes, made with their own hands - it is quite another story.As can be understood already from the title, they have a specific name.

Bonbonniere - a way to express who came to the wedding guests sign of reverence and respect from the newlyweds.

They may be the most unusual and bizarre, but that's what makes them special charm and fascination.

Classic bonbonniere cardboard

As a rule, these options are selected pairs of elegant and excellent sense of style.Their simplicity is fascinating and leaves in the hearts of visitors even after many years of fond memories of the past day.Although candy-box and easy to perform, and the time of its production goes at least on a holiday, it will not leave anyone indifferent.

Bonbonnière shaped cake

  1. Cut a template from cardboard brown (chocolate) color scheme.
  2. makes an incision at the marked locations.Boxes for the wedding with his hands
  3. folded along the dotted lines marked.
  4. then placed in a box for a surprise guest.
  5. Merge her way to get a piece of cake.

Contents are candy boxes can be in the form of a cake.If the guest is small, enough for one.But if a lot, you have to work hard and to build more than one or even two.Each one of them for more convenience, you can place on the table of every guest.And it does not worry that the boxes will not interfere with invited friends and relatives, because giving candy boxes made at the beginning of the celebration.

pack heart

It's no secret that the heart symbol - it is one of the most advantageous ways to show their love, care and attention.So once, but no less attractive way to express their respect and esteem the assembled guests in one of the most exciting and important days in your life - a heart-shaped candy boxes.

make them very easy.

As before, with the help of scissors with a comfortable handle and stationery knife cut out the workpiece on the scheme.

  1. Under the same scheme must be shown by the dotted lines and go over them with a thin sharp object, creating a fold line.Boxes with his hands master class
  2. In places, the points shown in the diagram, you should make holes using a hole punch.
  3. Fold the box along the dotted lines and attach the free edges of the top, threading through the remaining holes of the hole punch tape across the outside of the box.

Give gifts and boxes, made with your own hands, you know the people with love, and they will tell you it is!