How to keep the winter sorrel?

Sorrel - one of the first plants that begin to please the eye bright green even in the middle of spring.Its succulent sprouts hatch almost immediately after snowmelt.And no wonder that wise Nature made sure to invest in it leaves a maximum of useful elements.As in the next of kin, buckwheat, sorrel contained in large amounts of vitamin C and the B group, beta-carotene, calcium, phosphorous, fluorine.Richly this plant and essential oils.But its main value - the abundance of organic acids, which are dominated by oxalic.The most useful is just the first, spring leaves.

how to save for the winter Sorrel

But by the middle of summer sorrel becomes rough and it loses its flavor richness.This indicates that nutrients in it remains not so much.But the beloved green borscht want not only in the summer?Therefore, it is necessary to blank for future use.There are many ways on how to save for the winter Sorrel.Consider some of the most popular.

Prepare sorrel

Collected leaves should be carefully go through one by one.The fact that the feast

sorrel love not only people, but also for garden slugs.And they hit the bank no one recipe is not provided.

Sorrel in the winter recipe

Leaves desirable for long soak in warm water to all the dirt and dust soaked.Wash in running water is best, carefully inspecting leaves for dirt.Chop sorrel convenient ordinary kitchen scissors.

How close the dock for the winter?To roll up to the banks in a simple manner

In fact, no sterilization, or even in salt and vinegar, this vegetable has no need.To prepare for the winter Sorrel, it is sufficient to add the chopped leaves in pasteurized jars, pour boiling water over and roll up.Preservative acts oxalic acid is the same.It prevents the growth of microorganisms is not worse than vinegar.To prepare for the winter Sorrel, a recipe that fit perfectly.Especially if you plan to use it for the usual borsch.

salting in the winter recipe

Preservation in brine

preservation until the winter - not the only condition for canning.Sometimes you want to add flavor, aroma, and saturation.For such cases, approach the other, is not very complicated recipe.Salting sorrel for the winter made using brine, prepared by the following recipe:

  • salt - 50 g;
  • pepper and bay leaf;
  • water - 1 liter.

schavelyana harvesting winter recipes

Salting sorrel in the winter of the following methods.Chopped sorrel fits into banks, a boiling brine is poured on top.After that jars you can immediately roll, wrap up and leave until cool.

piquancy and severity

Among the many ways in which to save the winter dock, there are recipes based on marinating.This not only allows you to preserve the product, but also gives a rich flavor of sorrel.Typically, the marinade is added very little citric acid or vinegar literally half tablespoon per liter.And besides acids in this recipe is placed still, and sugar.Here it can be more - 2-3 tablespoons per liter of liquid.Sugar smooth out the sharp taste of acids give softness.And it acts as a preservative.

closing the dock for the winter


not only by preserving sorrel harvesting can be done for the winter.Recipes that we traditionally use, you can diversify and freezing.This method of harvesting is good because it does not require much effort and time.To freeze quite cut sorrel stripes and put on bags.Then it is necessary to squeeze the maximum out of the air and tie packages.This will save space in your freezer.

dried sorrel

Drying - another unusual way to save for the winter Sorrel.You can dry the cut stripes or entire leaves.If the dock is cut, all bands need to be expanded and put on a pallet in the sun.To dry it will be about 3-4 days.Entire same leaves can simply be hung in the beam and wait until all the moisture has evaporated.

use sorrel harvested for cooking

winter, you can cook all the same dishes that we are preparing in May and June.Sorrel is used for the preparation of green borscht, cabbage soup, pie fillings.Sorrel is added to vegetable stews, lecho, cell.The ground using a blender, you can gradually add in the mashed potatoes - it will give the dish incredible bright green color and delicious taste.Sorrel goes well with cheese, boiled eggs, cheese and greens.This stuffing can be put in wind or fried cakes, wrapped in pita bread.Prepared from him all sorts of sauces that go perfectly with fish and seafood noble.A decoction of Shchavlev get a great filling for hash.

Sorrel in the winter

wide range of dishes that can be cooked in the winter of summer pieces, makes to think in advance about one moment.Before you save the winter Sorrel, consider portions.It is not necessary to store the contents of the long open cans, it is better to use it for cooking.Re-freeze thawed sorrel also absolutely can not, otherwise he will lose the shape and color, and all the nutrients.More importantly, and cooking time sorrel.He cooked very quickly, especially if you have been subjected to heat treatment.So add it to the dish should be at the very end of cooking.A sign of willingness Shchavlev is its blue-green light.

When using frozen sorrel, it is not necessary to defrost.Usually it is lowered into the boiling water of frozen briquettes, then boil until tender.