As the chicken pox begins in children and adults

very much the concept of varicella familiar since childhood.Temperature, itching and unpleasant rashes - feelings that hardly forget.In time to take action, every mother should know how to begin to chickenpox.

Varicella zoster virus Chickenpox

- acute virus, which is accompanied by a bubbly rash on the skin and mucous.The causative agent of chicken pox is shingles.Disease transmitted by airborne droplets.The incubation period for chickenpox is twenty-one days, and the disease itself lasts an average of seven to ten days.

as the chicken pox begins

Once people have been ill once chickenpox in his lifetime are immune.Very rarely, a recurrent disease seen in people with poor health, HIV-infected, and sometimes after organ transplantation.

Chickenpox - a childhood disease.Ill virus in preschool or school age (75%).Vaccination against chickenpox helps avoid disease and acute forms of its manifestation.

form of the disease

Chickenpox, once in the human body, can be manifested in several forms.There are classic chickenpox (

fever, a rash, itching, weakness) and atypical (symptoms are unpredictable).The first takes place in the light, medium and heavy form.

Light form the most swift and less painful.It is characterized by low temperature.The rash lasts only three days, after which begins the healing of wounds.

With an average temperature of the shape has already reached 38-39 degrees, and the rash appears over the five days.

The worst - severe form.Temperatures can reach 40 degrees, there is intoxication, rash lasts more than 5-7 days.

in atypical forms of chickenpox in the body can develop various inflammatory processes, including pathologies.

Like chickenpox begins, everyone should know the adult.Knowing the symptoms of the disease can be avoided severe consequences.

Like chickenpox begins: Often the symptoms

initial stage of chickenpox confused with other infectious diseases.There is a small (or, conversely, significant) increase in temperature, fever, weakness and headaches.The virus can also apparently did not occur.However, during the incubation period, it is already time to strike a significant amount of tissue and organs.

from where the chickenpox

After the onset of the rash symptoms disappear, but there is a terrible itch.If we talk about where chicken pox begins, the places of localization may be a few - it is the stomach, back, arms, legs, neck and face.Spots like chickenpox first mosquito bites.Over time (a few hours), they will already resemble small blisters filled with clear liquid.Foci rash is from a few dozen to a couple hundred.

How to treat?

most unpleasant symptom of chickenpox - itching, which can facilitate special baths with the addition of soda or a decoction of herbs (sage, chamomile, oak bark).Applied and special lotions for burns and blisters.If the patient's condition absolutely unbearable, then there is prescribed antihistamines.

Chickenpox begins with temperature

During infection used as antipyretic and immunostimulatory agents.The patient is prohibited from being in the sun, because ultraviolet light may exacerbate the disease.

Over the entire period of rash the patient should try not to comb acne - can permanently scar or, worse, buried a infection.

Chickenpox in adults

probability of contracting chickenpox as adults is 10-15%.Most familiar from childhood chickenpox.As adults begin this disease, everyone should know, because sometimes the virus recurs even if the immunity to it.

chickenpox begins as an adult

If childhood chickenpox occurs in the form of light, then, hitting an adult body, it manifests itself "in all its glory."In addition to fever, headaches and ailments observed intoxication.The temperature reaches 40 degrees, rash lasts 10 days or more, and blisters considerably greater than in children.Chickenpox in adults often develops into various complications:

  1. tracheitis, pneumonia, laryngitis and other respiratory diseases.
  2. affects the liver (hepatitis), kidneys (nephritis).
  3. emerging diseases of the nervous system, bones.
  4. observed heart disease and blood vessels.

Medicine even know of cases where chicken pox are fatal.

Treat chickenpox in adults just as in children.In severe cases, it may be further treated with antibiotics.

Chickenpox in pregnant

very dangerous to get sick chickenpox during pregnancy.In the early stages of the virus can cause miscarriage in later - the birth of a dead child or congenital pathology of hearing, vision, nervous system, respiratory tract, and others.However, there are times when chicken pox does not affect the unborn child.

as the symptoms of chicken pox begins

women who are "interesting position" ill virus was first interested in the question of where to start and how to recognize chicken pox infection.After all, for pregnant fever, weakness and fatigue - a frequent condition.Just like children, chickenpox begins at them with a rash of blisters on the stomach, back, face, hands.Together with an unpleasant itching rash.

Treatment of chickenpox in pregnant women has its own specifics, because the consequences could adversely affect the health of mother and child.For the successful outcome of the disease it is necessary to detect as early as possible.Keep in mind that chicken pox begins with temperature (sometimes very high).When the first symptoms should go to a doctor, who will pick up the medication.If the infection has only been two or three days, appoint an expert vaccine (immunoglobulin), which immediately begins to fight the infection.The result of it is almost one hundred percent.

Shingles (re chickenpox).Where to begin and how?

ill with chicken pox for the second time is almost impossible.If a person has already had chickenpox once, it produces lifelong immunity.

In rare cases, when the body is weakened or subjected to stress, the infection can attack again.Re disease can also occur in children who have been infected in the womb or had chickenpox in grudnichkovom age.

where chickenpox begins

In adults, the infection a second time manifests as shingles.Re chickenpox can develop:

  • People in old age (50-60 years).
  • When immunocompromised cells.
  • After tumors, diabetes, hepatitis, tuberculosis, congestive heart failure.
  • After neurological diseases.

To avoid severe forms of shingles, everyone should know how to begin chickenpox a second time:

  1. observed increase in body temperature to 38-40 degrees, which is accompanied by a fever and a headache.
  2. blisters appear spots.
  3. affected areas are characterized by a burning sensation and itching.

treated shingles, like chickenpox, with the help of anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and immune-boosting drugs.The wounds are treated with special antiseptics.In rare cases, prescribe an antibiotic.


Chickenpox - a childhood disease, which in rare cases can affect an adult organism.The peculiarity of the disease that the children carry it much easier and less prone to complications.For adults, the infection can result in not only a severe form, but also fatal.Therefore everyone should be aware that this windmill, as a start for adults and children, the disease and how to treat it.Timely intervention will help to avoid complications.