The recipe for carrot in Korean: do at home

recipe carrot in Korean

All of you are likely to encounter often in supermarkets with Korean salads and probably tried them.It is not that they are too useful, because they contain hot pepper and appropriate spices.Therefore, do not abuse these things, so as not to spoil your health.Yet many housewives want to know the recipe carrot in Korean, and learn to do it at home.I must say that today the Korean salads have become very popular.If they had stood at the same level with European delicacies and fed only in restaurants or cafes theme, now a salad you can buy in any store.Is no exception and sharp little carrot, the number of fans is growing every day.She added to salads and hot dishes, fast food and even use just.But how to cook carrots in Korean at home?It brings to mind the special recipe known only cooks Korea.But everything is quite simple and even banal.Suffice it to find the recipe for its preparation, and within a couple of hours this delicacy will please you with its taste.

carrots recipe for Korean As everything goes?

But I must say that Korean cooking carrots is carried out every woman differently.Someone then it takes only special Korean spices that brought from the south of Korea, and some content stores seasonings.Although even those seasonings, which are now sold in supermarkets can be called good and good quality.Among them, any buyer can easily find exactly the Korean spices, which, strictly speaking, we need.

How to cook carrots for Korean What do I need?

Himself recipe carrot in Korean is very simple, as you now see.Take a kilo of ordinary carrots, vegetable oil, onion, garlic, red pepper, half a teaspoon of sweet curry sauce, spices and sugar.As you can see, the usual foods that you can find in any store.Only the choice of spices must be treated very carefully and to read the part of the acquisition.If any of the ingredients do not suit you, you do not need to buy, because the recipe provides for only a certain group of spices.

recipe carrot in Korean cooking process

Korean cooking carrots To carrots turned out the most that neither is a Korean and thin, you can either cut its own long strips, or buy a special grater, with which it will go farfaster.So long and rub carrots into thin strips.Fry the onion in vegetable oil and leave to cool slightly.Take vinegar and mix it with spices, sugar and curry sauce (in equal proportions for acute carrots, and a little more curry, if you like sweeter).Pour the mixture into our carrot, there is squeezing the garlic and add the oil, where roasted onions.In order to fully cook our meal, leave it for half an hour, and then can be served as a side dish to any cuisine.Carrot turns sharp little, juicy and incredibly tasty!