Try to prepare a salad of marinated mushrooms

recipe salad of pickled mushrooms, which we want to cook today, is both a salad and appetizer.It does not have the smoked fish or meat, which are perfect for the cold beer, but due to the presence of salt mushroom salad has a wonderful taste.What could be better than a hot summer day drinking cool beer, and eat pickles?Well, let that usually marinade banks open only in the winter, when nature deprives a person of beneficial vitamins and vegetables.The most important thing - it is our desire.But if the body wants mushrooms, then it will not be denied this and start to cook!

salad of pickled mushrooms old version

Such salad is recommended to cook in the summer, when you do not want to eat a lot of fried, fatty or sweet.It is light, refreshing and slightly cold - just what you need on a hot day.

important point

Before you begin to cook dishes such as salad with pickled mushrooms, solve the problem with mushrooms.Since not all the supermarkets you can find a wide variety of pickled mushrooms, and they can be made by your

self.However, it will take a lot of time, but the product is high quality and tasty.If you are not a big fan of mushrooms, you can replace them with any other pickled mushrooms.For example, you can buy or cook marinated oyster mushrooms.These fungi are easier to find, but they are slightly different from the mushrooms, as in the preparation are more soft and watery.Therefore, it does not matter what kind of mushrooms you buy, as long as you like in the end.

What do I need?

salad with marinated mushrooms Salad of marinated mushrooms begin to cook, picking up the necessary ingredients: onions, 1 piece, two ripe tomatoes, Bank of canned green peas, one tablespoon vinegar, mayonnaise and, of course, chosen mushrooms.If you take any other mushrooms, the taste of a dish may change.And to our salad of marinated mushrooms was a success, it is necessary to take only this kind of mushrooms.

Here's how to do ...

to onions taste bitter to salads need to put it in a bowl and pour a small amount of vinegar - this will give the onions a peculiar taste and take away its bitterness.Next, cut into small pieces, our mushrooms and place in a colander, let drain a little extra juice, or salad quickly deteriorate even in the refrigerator.Ripe tomatoes cut into cubes and put into the prepared container.Then a salad of marinated mushrooms mixed, add peas and dressed with mayonnaise.If you like sour cream, it is also a very good choice, because in mayonnaise contains a small amount of vinegar, and a lot of it is not advised to use.

salad recipe of marinated mushrooms Making

last thing you want to do - to decorate a salad of marinated mushrooms with fresh herbs.Mix all of the ingredients is not necessary, because the green - it's just an element of decor, but not for this salad ingredient.Naturally, our salad longer needs spices and salt, as it contains tasty pickled mushrooms.Use a salad for a snack on the nature or prepare it for the family on holiday.