Nardek - watermelon honey.

season watermelons provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy the taste of berries and to get the maximum health benefits.Some housewives make preparations for the winter: boiled syrups, jams, compotes.Especially delicious watermelon honey is obtained.But what is this delicacy unknown, what it eats and how to prepare?

What does it mean?

watermelon honey as called

What is watermelon honey, the name of this delicacy?It is obtained from the pulp of the fruit from which the juice is squeezed out, and then it is cooked to a thick state at the plate in several stages.Surprisingly, it is not necessary for the preparation of sugar and no other additives.

As we can see, the bees do not play absolutely no role, so the "watermelon honey" - the name, in principle, is wrong.But because it is stuck in the people, people still call it as a treat.Probably, this product something like a normal consistency of honey, produced by bees.

have watermelon honey, there is another "name" - nardek.This name can be considered more formal.At the men

tion of watermelon honey sometimes still found the notion of "bekmez" and "pekmez."Both represent the same thing - is welded to the gelatinous state berries or fruit juice.

Honey melons are usually cooked in a season - autumn when they become cheaper, because for the preparation of such a small jar of honey will need quite a lot of the original product.

little history

homeland watermelon honey is considered to be Central Asia, then its inhabitants have experience cooking this delicacy adopted the Don Cossacks.Over time, the recipe spread, and it began to prepare all melon growers.Cleaned berries in the season failed to sell, the remaining part did not have time to eat, and it was a pity to throw.In difficult times, it had something to eat, so the melon growers have done such blanks.

Today nardek (watermelon honey) is cooked almost everywhere.In some parts - according to an old traditional recipe, in others - a little modify and add some zest to his, but the principle remains the same preparation.

nardek watermelon honey

Cossacks honey watermelon cooked in late autumn, when the main party of the product has been sold.Usually it remained small, but big-bellied fruit of them and prepared this delicacy.Watermelon cut into two parts by a pulp spoons picked out and passed it through a sieve made of horsehair to get juice.It was poured into a large cast iron pot, which was set to open fire.

watermelon juice Cossacks boiled until until he turned into a brown syrup is thickened with a characteristic odor.As a result, nardek consistency should resemble a young honey.On this basis and determined by the readiness of goodies.Ready honey stored in two ways: poured into earthenware pots and carried into the cool basement or rolled in glass jars, as we do today.

Adygea love feast nardek, eating his tea as jam, syrup, instead of watering them pancakes, muffins, casseroles, and just spreading them a piece of bread.


Watermelon honey - not only tasty product, but also very useful.First of all, nardek retains all the benefits of fresh berries.Watermelon at least 90% water, and it is known - the true source of vitality.So, what properties have nardek?

  • improves appetite.
  • Strengthens the immune system, thereby increasing the body's resistance to various diseases.
  • beneficial effect on the internal organs: kidneys, liver, intestine, digestive and cardiovascular systems.
  • helps to cope with diseases such as colds, bronchitis, laryngitis, tuberculosis.
  • increases hemoglobin.
  • is an integral part of nutrition in the prevention of atherosclerosis and treatment of cancer.

Application watermelon honey

watermelon honey title

  • during a diet, you can add one teaspoon in any drinks as a sweetener.Watermelon honey sweet, but not high-calorie, so will not affect the figure, if, of course, is not its weight.
  • help quench your thirst nardek few spoonfuls dissolved in a glass of water.
  • When colds are preparing the following mixture: take in equal parts of honey melon, apple cider vinegar and chopped onions, all mixed.Spoon the mixture obtained is recommended to dissolve slowly in the mouth.
  • To improve the work of the stomach, can be used instead of sugar nardek.
  • In exacerbations of liver disease take a decoction of oats with the addition of a spoon of honey watermelon.
  • raise the level of hemoglobin and eliminate pain in my heart it makes tea from rose hips, sweetened nardek.

Above it was about how to usefully apply the honey watermelon.But, as already mentioned, nardek can eat just for fun.Some housewives served it as dessert for tea, was added as a filling in pastries, cakes, tarts and pastries, as well as make him a candied melon.

Nutritional value

nardek - low-calorie product.At its 100 grams contains only 110 calories, but sugar watermelon honey - about 60%.For this reason nardek can eat even people with diabetes.Also watermelon honey contains about 9% fat, and about 1% of proteins.


you read recipes from watermelon and see that everything stated in grams.But how do you know how much you need to use products that do not have kitchen scales?Below proportions.

  • 1 teaspoon - is 7 g nardek.
  • 1 tbsp - 20 g of the product.
  • 1 cup (200 milliliters) - 320 g nardek.

nardek recipe: the preparation phase

Now consider how to cook watermelon honey.The recipe is a 1 kilogram nardek.To make it, it needs about 15 kilograms of fresh melons.

watermelon honey recipe

Berries must be thoroughly rinsed under cold water, especially if they have dust and dirt.Next watermelon cut in half or more parts, whatever you like.Then, using a spoon or a knife to be separated from the peel and pulp shift it to some dishes, preferably with thick walls.


To prepare honey need only the flesh, it should be wrapped in several layers of cheesecloth.This is done in order to separate the seeds from the juice.Then begin to crush the pulp with your hands or press.This can be done using a juicer, but then either have to carefully choose seeds from watermelon slices, or the broken bones will fall to the future nardek.Recipe for honey will then have a light bitter taste that not everyone has to like.

honey watermelon juice

Once the juice is pressed, it must pass through a fine sieve or cheesecloth to remove all the unnecessary - accidentally got the seeds and pulp.

Stage cooking

After all the manipulations with spin start to cook honey from the watermelon juice.This should be done over medium heat, stirring constantly, and removing the foam.

A few hours later the juice should be boiled down by half.When this happens, you must turn off the fire, and the weight is better to pour into another pot, so that nothing is burnt.Nardek left in a dark place for 12 hours.Then

juice must be passed through a sieve and repeat three times, cooking step.Each time the syrup will thicken and shrink.After the last cooking watermelon honey do not need to leave at 12 o'clock, just check its availability.

If nardek start cooking early in the morning, it may take about two days, however, the night will also have a little sweat.Well, if at every stage of cooking take one day, we can handle for three days.

Better to spend your precious time and do not be lazy.It is not recommended to cook nardek at once, otherwise it will be too dark and a little prigorit to the pan.

final stage

How to check the readiness of watermelon honey?Firstly, the product resembles a regular honey - it is transparent and stringy.Secondly, a drop nardek should not spread along the saucer.This method is used to determine availability of any jam.

watermelon honey

Ready watermelon honey is removed from the heat and leave to cool.In the meantime you can prepare jars: wash, sterilize and dry.When nardek cool to about 40 degrees, it is first filtered through a sieve or cheesecloth and then spread out to the banks and sealed with lids.

Now Watermelon honey should be allowed to cool until the end, after which it can be removed for storage in the refrigerator, the cellar, basement or garage - where cool.

Watermelon honey: the recipe in Adygei

This version is slightly different from the previous one in that it uses not only the watermelon juice, but its flesh, as well as the cream or sour cream.The result is a fragrant and delicious dessert that can be submitted for tea or used as a filling for baked goods.

This recipe is designed for about 20 portions.Whole watermelon honey for cooking in Adygei require four hours of which one goes to prepare food, and the rest of the honey is brewed himself.

So, how much food you will need 20 servings:

  • ripe watermelon, medium-sized - two or three.
  • fresh cream (or sour cream) - 100 milliliters.At 100 grams of honey only two tablespoons.

recipes from watermelon

The first thing to do - to prepare watermelon: wash under cold water, pat dry with a towel, cut into pieces and removed with a spoon or knife pulp.It is recommended to lay down in a deep bowl, because the kneading can fly spray.

then slices of watermelon need to pound into a homogeneous mass with a spoon or tolkushkoy, passed through a cheesecloth strainer or colander to separate the seeds from the juice.

resulting mixture was put on medium heat, bring to a boil, fire diminish to a minimum and cook until cooked honey.It should get a brown viscous mass that does not spread on the saucer.

When honey is ready, remove from heat and leave to cool, then add cream or sour cream and mix thoroughly.The product can be spread on a sterile dry banks and storing them in a cool place.

nardek Try to cook and to please his or her family and friends.This, they just have not eaten!But remember that only good comes out of watermelons delicious honey.