Can I take the drug "Clotrimazole" (candles) during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, every woman cares about their well-being and health.Because now she was not alone - her stomach is a favorite kid.And that he was born healthy, expectant mother must vigilantly monitor their condition.Sometimes joyful expectation overshadow various chronic diseases of women, which are exacerbated during this period of life.If you previously have noted the fair sex a disease, candidiasis, do not be surprised if it will have an effect during pregnancy.What to do in such a case?Immediately go to the doctor!He will prescribe you medications that are safe for you and your child.One such drug is "Clotrimazole".clotrimazole suppositories during pregnancy


candidiasis Candidiasis, or as it is also called thrush - a disease which is caused by a fungus genus Candida.Almost every girl or woman at least once in their lives, but faced with this unpleasant disease.And despite the fact that at the moment there is a huge variety of products that can help solve this problem, during pregnancy always need a special approach.Even those w

omen who are rarely faced with thrush, at this time can experience all of the symptoms of the disease.If you rather consult a doctor, he will prescribe you the right treatment.Quite often prescribed remedy "Clotrimazole" (candles) during pregnancy.This is a very popular drug for the treatment of thrush.It manifests itself mainly by strong and heavy white curd-like vaginal discharge, often accompanied by itching.

drug "Clotrimazole" during pregnancy

medicament "Clotrimazole" - a broad-spectrum drugs, it has an antibacterial effect, it helps against Trichomonas.Able to kill almost all the harmful fungi, prevents the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids.The medicine is available in various forms: suppositories, ointment, solution, tablet.The drug "Clotrimazole" (candles) during pregnancy the woman is more suitable than the ointment.The physician must assign funds in the second or third trimester, but in any case not in the first.In the first three months of pregnancy is contraindicated.clotrimazole during pregnancy


medicine not only helps from yeast.

Indications are:

  • athlete's foot.
  • fungal diseases.
  • Ringworm.
  • Candidiasis.
  • Trichomoniasis, vulvovaginitis.
  • Thrush.
  • treatment before delivery.


  • sensitivity to the components.

In addition, as already mentioned, the medication "Clotrimazole" (candles) in pregnancy is only used after the third month.


usually treat thrush long.Although the result may occur after the first application, the course must be held before the end.Quite often, the disease may worsen again if treatment with the woman was not her partner.To prevent recurrence, you will need to begin treatment at the same time (for men a drug comes in tablet form or ointment), as well as to abstain from sex at least a few days.If thrush during pregnancy and then escalates, try to alternate the medicine with the drug "Pimafucin", he is also safe.clotrimazole during pregnancy reviews

Side effects

whether the drug is safe, "Clotrimazole" in pregnancy?Reviews patients and doctors say that, yes.And this is true, except for the first trimester.Occasionally you may experience side effects such as itching, rashes, allergies.In this case, the drug should be discontinued and be sure to consult a doctor who will issue you a new remedy for candidiasis.The drug "Clotrimazole" (candles) during pregnancy helps many women to get rid of the disease.

Cheers!Do not self-medicate!