What you can and can not do during pregnancy?

nine months in anticipation of the baby are accompanied by a variety of signs and superstitions, taboos and prejudices.It is necessary to understand that you can not do during the pregnancy, and that there is no danger to not limit yourself around.Advice on this subject is also available from your doctor.

What not to do during pregnancy What not to do during pregnancy?

course, pregnant women should not smoke.Hazardous chemical compounds from the cigarettes into the blood of women and, consequently, the baby.Due to smoking mothers in children is a lack of height and weight, immature lungs or other parts of the body, sudden death syndrome, and brain disorders.Therefore, it is recommended to give up the habit before you become pregnant.Drinking alcohol is also very desirable.Is it possible to fly pregnant Spirits impair the mental and physical condition of the child, hit his nervous system and lead to various malformations.A bit of wine or a glass of quality beer once a month will not lead to such consequences, but in the first trimester and they are redundant.Of

course, talking about drug use in general, to anything - is strictly forbidden.One should not drink too much coffee, but to completely abandon it optional.The list of prohibitions applies to which products may be pregnant, and what - no.It is undesirable to have a fast-food, as well as those products which contain in excess of colorants and other additives.You should not eat fatty and spicy food, drinking sodas and simply overeating.This master list of what not to do during pregnancy ends.But there are a few items that will be a good precaution.For example, you can not change the litter box itself - it can be fraught with toxoplasmosis.Overwork is not worth not to provoke premature births.Also, do not be too useful a visit to the sauna or steam bath - dehydration occurs due to overheating can lead to miscarriage.

What is possible?

With what can not be done during pregnancy, all more or less clear.What can and should be done?It is useful to include in your diet a special vitamin complex for pregnant women to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, not forgetting about the nuts, fish and meat.No harm will be at least a little exercise every day, which will not only saturate the body with oxygen, but also help to fight against overweight.What products can be pregnant follow closely this time the condition of the teeth - a big load on the body can affect them destructive.Do not hurt your child and use of cosmetic products: beautiful mother will feel more confident and happier that the child will only benefit.In addition, special care for pregnant women to help deal with stretching and deformation of the chest.Those objectives pursued and the special cotton underwear.Get plenty of rest and sleep.Generally, overwork and enough sleep - exactly what not to do during pregnancy, especially after the appearance of a baby into the world, this situation will be much more frequent.If you want to go on vacation, but you do not know whether it is possible to fly pregnant, consult your doctor.Healthy women with normal pregnancy it does not hurt.