The drug "Advantan" (ointment).

drug "Advantan" is a non-halogenated synthetic glucocorticosteroid.The drug is intended for outdoor use.The drug has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory activity.The tool reduces the severity of subjective (pain, irritation or itching) and objective (swelling, erythema) symptoms.Systemic exposure to the drug in the local use of expressed slightly.When prolonged or frequent application to the vast areas not marked dysfunction of the adrenal glands.Application of funds in adults for twelve weeks and children for four weeks does not cause skin atrophy, acne and stretch marks.The drug "Advantan" (thick cream) is recommended for dry skin or for the treatment of chronic pathologies.This is due to the fact that this form is anhydrous, and occlusive effect helps promote healing.advantan ointment for children


drug "Advantan" (ointment) manual recommends for dermatological pathologies, including chronic, in which the glucocorticosteroid therapy is effective.By the testimony of, in particular, include atopic dermatitis, dermatit

is (atopic, allergic, solar), eczema (contact, exogenous, disgidroticheskuyu, seborrheic).Methods of application

advantan oily ointment

medicament "Advantan" (ointment) owner recommends applying once a day fine.The drug is slightly rubbed on the affected area.Duration of drug "Advantan" (ointment) for children is no more than 4 weeks, adult - no more than 12. The preparation in the form of a cream is used for the treatment of acute inflammatory processes, steps weeping lesions, as well as the localization processes in the scalp.The drug "Advantan" (ointment) instructions Recommends the infiltration.This form of the drug is also suited for moist wound treatment.Throughout the year, may be holding several courses of therapy.

medicament "Advantan" (ointment).Instructions.Adverse reactions

Typically, therapy takes place without any complications.In rare cases, the reactions likely to develop a local nature.In particular, there is a burning, redness, erythema.The skin may appear blisters.Any other adverse reactions from the use of drugs "Advantan" experts attribute hypertrichosis, folliculitis.advantan ointment User


Not prescribers at specific skin lesions at the application site (syphilis, tuberculosis as well).The drug "Advantan" (ointment) experts do not recommend in the reactions to vaccination in the areas of application.To include readings and viral infections (herpes zoster, chicken pox).The appointment means during pregnancy or lactation is carried out only by the doctor.

Medicine "Advantan" (ointment).Additional information

should be used with caution drug should not be allowed to enter into the mouth or eyes.If there is no effect after a week of use should be revised tactics therapy.