What is the tubercle bacillus or Tuberculosis Symptoms

tuberculosis - an infectious disease provoked by tubercle bacillus.Penetrating into the human body, the infection can affect all organs and tissues.Infection usually occurs during long-term dialogue with people with TB.The infection is transmitted as airborne droplets and by direct contact (through things).

Causes infection

tubercular symptoms

Tuberculosis develops in the human body after penetration of the active pathogen, as well as in low immunity, poor nutrition, with a prolonged physical or nervous stress, after a serious illness, and so on.. Of course, tuberculosis no one is immune, but the most prone to the disease are children and young people.Also, statistics show that women suffer more often than men.It was at the age of 24 to 35 years there has been the greatest probability of TB infection in women.

first signs of tuberculosis

Symptoms of TB in adults

diagnosis is determined primarily by X-ray examination.Preceded tuberculosis symptoms such as a temporary increase in temperature, fatigue and irritability, poor appetite

, weight loss, night sweats.Initially worried about dry cough, gradually it becomes wet and lasts at least two weeks.Sputum may consist of pus, sometimes particles of blood.Initial symptoms of TB occur unnoticed, the disease progresses slowly, and symptoms intensified.Over time, the disease begins to bring considerable human suffering.Chronic tuberculosis is mainly found in children.

Species tuberculosis

clinical course of the disease is divided into primary and complicated smooth the current set of TB.The smooth flow has symptoms of tuberculosis, as a decrease in body temperature at the third or fourth week after the start of infection, improving the overall condition of the person, are signs of weakness.But the initial intoxication carries TB symptoms such as fever, persistent cough, blood dyscrasias.The general condition of the patient deteriorates severely.

the first signs of tuberculosis

symptoms of tuberculosis, extrapulmonary

Wand TB able to settle in any organ of the human body.It revealed a tuberculosis only when all other diseases with similar symptoms are not supported.Quickly to state the fact manage extrapulmonary infection only if the patient previously had pulmonary form of the disease.Symptoms of TB in adults with extrapulmonary dictated localization process in the body.

percentage recovery

Early identification of tuberculosis in most cases treatable.In Russia, all newborns are vaccinated against tuberculosis.Re vaccine is administered at 7, 12, 17 years, including 30 years - those with negative or equivocal results Mantoux test.

Prevention Prevention involves besides vaccination, control of pathogen, rapid detection and timely treatment of the sick.In addition, the infected person is obliged to adhere strictly to the rules of hygiene, keeping individual sanitation.