Arthritis: Symptoms, types and characteristics

Arthritis - a chronic inflammation of the joints as a result of autoimmune processes in the body.This is a systemic disease.It affects not only the periarticular tissues, but also a lot of bodies.Arthritis, the symptoms of which are very diverse, refers to chronic diseases.Of great importance for people suffering from it have information about the course and nature of the inflammatory process.Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis.Symptoms and types

The disease is progressive, sometimes it is interrupted by periods of improvement (remissions).Sore joints strong swells, sometimes blushes.Touching it painful.Often discomfort radiating to the surrounding muscles and ligaments.Prolonged inflammation destroys cartilage located in the joint, and deforms the fabric.The result becomes a violation of the musculoskeletal system: any movement begins to accompany the pain.If the disease has developed shortly after undergoing urogenital or intestinal infection, it is likely to reactive arthritis.Symptoms often his views in the joints o

f the lower extremities and manifest in young men.This kind of disease can cause destruction of the ankle, knee and sacroiliac joints.Sometimes even inflamed ligaments and tendons.infectious arthritis symptoms parallel with the deterioration of joint mobility, which provokes reactive arthritis, the symptoms it manifested on the mucous membranes of the body.So, can develop a chronic disease, urethritis, conjunctivitis.Degenerative changes occur in the nail plate, sometimes on the surface of the skin there are seals - keratoderma.Severe pain and high fever causes infectious arthritis.Symptoms of it may also include redness, chills, severe edema.Joints quickly lose mobility.The patient may need urgent hospitalization.

psoriatic arthritis.Symptoms

This disease is also a chronic and usually progresses steadily, like the above types.Psoriasis can have different degrees of severity.Sometimes it takes place almost imperceptibly for the patient.The occurrence of arthritis as a complication occurs in almost half of psoriatic.Causes of this disease are still actively studied by scientists.By consensus, they have not yet arrived.Therefore, the prevention of ill-developed psoriatic arthritis.After diagnosing the disease treatment is aimed at to keep the mobility of joints.

reactive arthritis symptoms Osteoarthritis Unlike arthritis - is not inflammatory, dystrophic process.In order to properly diagnose the disease, we need x-rays, blood tests and imaging of the affected joints.This will allow appropriate treatment.Many diseases of the musculoskeletal system are related to age deterioration of the functioning of the body.Trauma, stress, poor nutrition can worsen the situation and complicate the course of the joint disease.