How to treat fistula rectum?

Under fistula in medicine refers to abnormal channel that integrates directly with two hollow body inflammatory focus and the body surface.Rectal fistula develops as a result of acute pancreatitis and is purulent inflammation of tissue near the colon itself.


Doctors allocate full, part-time and the internal options.Let's examine each of these in more detail.rectal fistula

  1. So full rectal fistula.The inlet is located directly on the wall of the bowel, but the output - on the skin near the anus.Often, there is a situation where one has a fistula by several inlets which gradually merged into one course.

  2. incomplete fistula rectum has only one inlet.Most often incomplete variants rapidly turn into full.This fact is primarily due to the fact that lightning destroys germs lying close to body tissue.Thus formed and output to the outside.

  3. internal rectal fistula is characterized in that the inlet and outlet are located within the body, that is, on its walls.This variant occurs in medical practic

    e is relatively rare.

fistula rectal surgery rectal fistula.Symptoms

According to experts, the earliest indicator, indicates the presence in the body of the disease are bloody purulent discharge from the anal opening near the exit.In some patients the allocation of such scant, but always accompanied by an unpleasant odor.In addition, patients complain of a dull pain in the rectum, which is even more acute at the time of defecation.During exacerbation of the disease can significantly increase the body temperature, weakness and appear malaise, headache.After opening the abscess pain may be somewhat reduced.The inflammation gradually subsides.The patient's condition is improving, it indicates that the disease has passed the so-called remission.

fistula rectal symptoms rectal fistula.Operation and treatment

should be noted that conservative treatments are effective only when the disease is at an early stage.In this case, as a rule, is used by a special procedure for sealing a biological glue.In other cases, surgery is appointed.The doctor cuts directly the fistula and extracts all its pus.At the moment, in most cases, surgery is performed by Gabriel, which is a simple extraction of the fistula.It is noteworthy that by its size and selected neglected diseases and anesthesia.There are cases when the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.Some prefer to use traditional methods to solve this problem, but they did not find scientific evidence in medicine.That's why experts recommend not to risk their health and to trust his experienced doctors.Be healthy!